Bet You Can’t Do This on a Disney Vacation

We all love Disney, but let’s face it, sometimes the lines are long, the weather is hot, and at Disney World Orlando, there is always a chance for those summer afternoon showers. Which is why most of us would never consider attempting to ride all the rides in one single day during a Disney vacation, much less do what two guys from have done.

Shane Lindsey and Ted (Teevtee) Tamburo set out to ride every ride in all four parks at Disney World in one day. And they did it … well they almost did it. There were the inevitable rides down for repairs and the rain-out that prevented them from tackling a few of the rides. To compensate, they rode other rides twice so that they would at least reach their target goal of 47 Disney park rides in a single day.

Billing their feat as WDW47, on June 16, 2013, Shane and Teevtee managed to ride 47 park rides within the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in one day of normal park operational hours—a total of 16 hours. And what makes this even more amazing is that they did not tackle this in the way you might imagine. Rather than working their way systematically through one park and then another, they truly park hopped.

We are assuming that they used the Disney Fast Pass system to reduce the time they waited in line for some rides. This would also account for why they would find it more logical to jump from park to park, only to return later to a park they had previously visited. Although the video below tells a great deal of their story, they don’t reveal their strategy… and clearly they had one for this epic endeavor.

The average person on a Disney vacation in Orlando rides 8 rides per day, which works out perfectly for a Disney timeshare week. For anyone who doesn’t want to attempt the 16-hour pace it requires to accomplish a WDW47, 6 to 8 rides per day make it easy to also enjoy the shows, entertainment, shops and restaurants available in all the parks.