Laying Cornerstones in Canadian Timeshare

VO-Con Canadian Timeshare conference
Cornerstone Award to be presented at the 2013 VO-Con Canadian Timeshare conference

The Canadian Resort Development Association, CRDA, has announced the launch of the Cornerstone Award. This new award is significant in the Canadian timeshare industry—especially as economies climb out of a global economic recession—because it pays tribute to those who have demonstrated creativity and innovation as part of Canada’s vacation ownership industry.

The Cornerstone Award specifically recognizes leaders in timeshare, whether they are individuals, companies, a Homeowners Association (HOA), or a resort, that has, “outstanding results through innovative planning, financing, developing, marketing or selling techniques.” The Cornerstone Award entry application defines that nominees should be those who have:

  • Seized an opportunity, addressed a need, solved a problem, and created a game changing value proposition.
  • Communicated in compelling ways, engaged the marketplace, and achieved outstanding results and commercial success.
  • Will have a lasting positive impact on vacation ownership, the environment and society and is an inspiration to CRDA stakeholders.

Jon Zwickel, CRDA’s President and CEO, explains, “We felt it was time to acknowledge those who have laid the foundation for the success of our industry. There are so many great resort projects, companies and people who take business risks.

“The Cornerstone Award is particularly relevant during difficult economic times, when our industry has to be creative in order to succeed,” Zwickel adds.

Honoring Innovations in Canadian Timeshare

Aligned with the theme of this year’s CRDA’s annual Vacation Ownership Conference, “Exploring The Business Of Vacations,” the award will be announced at the 2013 VO-Con, scheduled for October 22-23 in Vancouver, Canada.

You’ll find complete guidelines for Cornerstone Award nominations here:

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