For Festiva Timeshare, Arkansas, Alabama, and More Resorts in Branson

Festiva Timeshare Takes You to New Vacation Destinations
Festiva Takes You to New Vacation Destinations

We shared the news yesterday that Festiva Hospitality Group has added 5 new resorts. (See: Festiva Timeshare Takes You to New Vacation Destinations). Here are more details (see video) about these new vacation destinations and some of the many reasons you may want to start planning a Festiva vacation  getaway.

Responsive to their current owners, Festiva Hospitality Group recognized that many families and couples were looking for additional resort destinations available to them in the south and south-central US.  The beautiful new lakeside, beach side, and golf resorts in Alabama, Arkansas, and Branson, Missouri seem to be ideal additions to the Festiva Resorts collection of properties.

For the Escapes! members who already have ownership at these five resorts, the acquisition by Festiva means their vacation opportunities are greatly expanded with access to the Festiva Adventure club, its privileges, and its 34 resort destinations.