Movers May Truly be the Shakers in Timeshare Jobs

Timeshare industry headhunter, Keith W. Trowbridge, Ph.D., President and CEO of Executive Quest, Inc.,   tells us that when it comes to timeshare jobs, movers may be exactly the shakers your company wants and needs.

Citing a recent Cornell Hospitality white paper, Keith explains, “… supervisors should not automatically assume that frequent “jumps” or tenures on a resume reflect incompetence, poor job fit, or proneness to distraction. Rather, the individual in question could be a budding trailblazer whose career path reflects an opportunistic or entrepreneurial mindset.”

Trowbridge is a timeshare and vacation ownership industry veteran and has, since 1996, facilitated the placement of countless professionals in the timeshare, vacation ownership, and fractional industry. He acknowledges the transitional nature of business today, citing recent research compiled by Jobvite showing that average tenures are declining. The typical worker, notes Trowbridge, should be prepared that he or she will need to (or choose to) change jobs between 11 and 14 times in a lifetime. This puts the average time spent at any one job somewhere between two and four years.

Keith explains, “There are a lot of top-notch industry professionals ready to make moves into the right next step for their careers,” and he adds that an organization is, “only as good as its leaders.”

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