Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Welcomes 161 Baby Sea Turtles

Tour de Turtles 2013 Vero BeachWe’ve written about this in the past at The Timeshare Authority, but it’s such a fun story that we wanted to bring it to our readers’ attention again this year.

Last week a crowd watched excitedly as 161 sea turtles hatched on the shores of Disney‘s Vero Beach Resort. After two long and anticipated months, both guests and Disney cast members happily welcomed the baby loggerhead turtles with open hearts.
The mother of the hatchlings, Claire, is sponsored by Disney’s Animal Program and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. In a true Disney fashion, she was named after the character in the Disney Pixar film Monster’s University.

“Sea turtles face monstrous challenges throughout their lifetime, but all of us can help” says Anne Savage, the Conservation Director for Disney’s Animal Programs.

Disney’s Tour de Turtles

Claire is also a member of the “Tour de Turtles”, which is sponsored by the Vero Beach Resort, as well as Disney’s Wildlife Program and Worldwide Conservation Fund. The program was created to learn more about the nesting habits of sea turtles, while raising awareness about threats to turtles in the wild. Each turtle in this program has been outfitted with satellite transmitters to track their travel patterns.

DVC’s Vero Beach Resort patiently awaits the arrival of two additional hatchling nests. Carrie, another member of the “Tour de Turtles” program (and likewise named after the character from “Monster’s University”) had also laid eggs on the beaches of the resort earlier this year. Lucky guests will be witness to two additional hatchings as Carrie came ashore twice during the nesting season, which spans from May to October.

About DVC’s Vero Beach Resort

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, part of Disney Vacation Club, combines the magic of Disney with the flexibility of timeshare ownership. The resort is conveniently located about two hours away from Walt Disney World, allowing families to spend time in Orlando and then spend a relaxing week at the Vero Beach Resort. The beachfront timeshare offers a variety of accommodation from studios to three bedroom cottages the sleep up to 12 people.