Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina’s OspreyCam

Pink Shell Osprey CamThe Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina, located in Fort Myers Beach, has teamed up with Lee Country Parks & Recreation to bring us the “OspreyCam”.

In an effort to improve the quality of life for Florida’s Osprey population, the two partners have developed a way to monitor these local animals. With a bird’s eye view, the up-to-the-minute video camera will document every minute of life as an Osprey.

Filming is already underway but has just recently been expanded to the public. The first exciting event seen on the OspreyCam was the discovery and hatching of the Pink Shell Beach Resort’s first clutch, or batch of Osprey eggs.

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina’s Marketing Director said, “We have had the pleasure of observing the ospreys and the birth of the hatchlings. With over 20,000 views, many have enjoyed seeing the miracle of nature up close and in high definition. On March 1st and 3rd two of the three eggs hatched. Sadly, the third egg never hatched and the parents, then named Ricky and Lucy, decided to remove it from the nest.”

You can now watch the Pink Shell OspreyCam to see the two happy hatchlings and their parents Ricky and Lucy. One of the most exciting sights to see is when Ricky delivers fish to the two hatchlings. Ricky collects the fish straight from the beautiful waters off Pink Shell’s beach.

Viewers can look forward to exciting footage on the OspreyCam in upcoming weeks. The week of April 20th, 2014 the new chicks will begin to learn how to fly. In order to fly, they will first work on developing the muscles in their wings. When the hatchlings are about 2 months old they will begin exercises called “helicoptering” to practice. Once the hatchlings begin to fly they will return to the Pink Shell Beach Resort as they transition into adulthood.

Timeshare owners and employees at the Pink Shell Beach Resort have been delighted to watch the Ospreys on this journey. The resort will continue to run the OspreyCam as the hatchlings mature.