Holiday Inn Club Vacations Partners with Clean the World to Diminish Hotel Waste

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations has partnered with Clean The World, a social enterprise dedicated to saving millions of lives around the world by diverting hotel waste in North America, Asia, and Europe. HICV will now be recycling partially-used soaps and bottled hygiene products from its resorts. Once collected, the hygiene products get sterilized and recycled into newly manufactured soap bars and bottled products.

The partnership is the newest addition to HICV’s sustainability efforts through the IHG Green Engage program. The program sets standards in order to deter the resorts from leaving an enormous footprint on the environment. With this program, the company is estimated to save five tons of waste per year.

“Clean the World is one of the most respected and highly recognized hospitality sustainability programs in our industry, saving thousands of lives every year through their soap recycling and distribution program,” said Don Harrill, CEO of Holiday Inn Club Vacations. “We are proud to partner with them as part of our long-term sustainability efforts to reduce and recycle at our Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts. This is an important way to positively affect change across our growing network and within the communities where these much-needed products are delivered.”

The recycling process will apply to the 26 resorts owned and operated by Holiday Club Vacations. Not only has Clean The World saved an abundance of product from ending up in a landfill, but the program has also promoted hygiene education and practice to people all over the world. The number of children who die from hygiene-related illnesses has dropped by 30 percent since Clean The World enforced their recycling program seven years ago.

Learn more about Clean The World’s energy initiatives and how you can get involved in their sustainable efforts. Check out the Holiday Inn Club Vacations locations and start saving the world during your vacation!