Bad News for Bluegreen Timeshares

Bad News for Bluegreen Timeshares

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett filed lawsuits against Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Corporation, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations Inc., charging the use of marketing practices that are illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. All four companies are Florida timeshare and vacation companies and part of Bluegreen timeshare.


The charges specifically accuse Bluegreen timeshare of marketing vacation packages with aggressive and deceptive timeshare sales presentations and offering airline tickets and other prizes, which the AG’s Office describes as “worthless”. The charges include advertising, real estate, and telemarketing violations.

According to the statement to the press released by Corbett’s office, prospective timeshare buyers were identified in malls, by phone, and at festivals and fairs. Bluegreen timeshare also operates full-time sales facilities in Hershey and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

“Virtually any consumer with a checkbook and a pulse allegedly qualified as a ‘winner’ in these promotions,” according to the Attorney General. “Unsuspecting consumers who believed they were contest winners were actually drawn into a high pressure bait-and-switch campaign designed to push timeshare vacation packages costing thousands of dollars.”

Prizes Promised in Timeshare Scam Not What they Seemed

The routine used was one that is all too familiar. People signed up in a contest to win a prize, such as a car, a vacation, or cash. They were then contacted with the news that they had not won the grand prize but had won a secondary prize, such as free airline tickets. Even people who did not sign up for the contest were sometimes told they were eligible for a prize.

‘Prize winners’ were told they would receive a free meal and free gas when they collected their prize if they attended a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation. Consumers who did attend the timeshare sales presentation found that the 90 minutes often stretched into as much as 5.5 hours. They also found that claiming the prizes they did win was fraught with caveats – receiving the promised airline tickets called for you first to pay for as many as ten nights in a pricey hotel in a limited number of cities. Free gas translated to coupons tied up with many restrictions; and in general, what was touted as free turned out to be ‘free’ but heavily wrapped in red tape.

Other charges involve Bluegreen timeshare’s alleged failure to properly inform consumers of their right to cancel their purchase as well as numerous violations of Pennsylvania’s Do Not Call List. Over 5700 Pennsylvania residents have purchased Bluegreen timeshare at prices that averaged between $20,000 and $40,000. Pennsylvania residents who have had problems with Bluegreen timeshare or any other timeshare company are urged to contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or online at

Criticism of Bluegreen Timeshare Sales Practices, Not of Timeshare Ownership

One last and very important thought about Bluegreen timeshares. These allegations all relate to the actions and practices of timeshare sales. There is not one mention that Bluegreen timeshare is anything less than a great vacation resort, nor do any of the charges relate in any way to problems or dissatisfaction with being an owner of Bluegreen timeshare. You always have an excellent way to bypass the ups and downs of new timeshare sales, by purchasing Bluegreen timeshare on the timeshare resale market where you skip the high pressure sales tactics and deal directly with the current timeshare owner.

HOT List Timeshare Number 55 – The Bluegreen Resorts

HOT List Timeshare Number 55 – The Bluegreen Resorts

Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Club timeshares rank number 55 on this year’s Sell My Timeshare NOW HOT 100 Property List. Bluegreen Resorts are a unique timeshare development company that unlike many other big timeshare developers is not a part of the hotel industry. Instead, the people at Bluegreen have built their company around the design, construction, and management of outstanding residential and recreational communities. Bluegreen describes their business as, “Colorful Places to Live and Play®”

The Bluegreen company was founded in 1966 for the purpose of developing and reselling recreational land. Since 1985, Bluegreen Communities (the residential portion of the company) has sold over 55,000 home sites in planned residential and golf communities in 32 states. Bluegreen timeshare resorts offer timeshares that they describe as “real estate based” vacation ownership with access to as many as 40 resorts and potential exchange privileges at over 3,700 resorts.

Timeshare Resale Opportunities at Bluegreen Resorts

You will find Bluegreen vacation homes throughout the US and in Aruba. Sell My Timeshare NOW’s inventory includes Bluegreen timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at exciting locations, including the La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club timeshares in Oranjestad, Aruba. Other beachside destinations for Bluegreen timeshare resorts are:

Timeshare resales at Bluegreen beachside resorts.

The Shoreline Towers and the Paradise Isle Resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama; Pono Kai Resort in Kauai, Hawaii; Harbour Lights, Shore Crest Vacation Villas I and Shore Crest Vacation Villas II in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; the Player’s Club in Hilton Head Island; and 18 timeshare destinations from shore to shore in sunny Florida.

In addition to your choices at the beach, there are many Bluegreen timeshare destinations at mountain and lakeside venues. Sell My Timeshare NOW can help you find timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at nearly a dozen choice locations.

Changes at Bluegreen Timeshares

Currently Bluegreen timeshare resorts are engaged in discussions with Diamond Resorts International. According to Hospitality Net, Alan B. Levan, Chairman of the Board of Bluegreen has said, “Diamond Resorts has advised us that it is continuing to move forward with the acquisition of the Company at a price of $15 per share, but needs the additional period to finalize due diligence and its financing arrangements. Diamond Resorts has also agreed to pay us an amount approximating Bluegreen’s expenses in connection with the transaction.”

While this foretells a transition in ownership at Bluegreen timeshares, there is every reason to expect that the traditions, quality, and excellence that have made Bluegreen such popular resorts in the past, will continue long into the future.

Bluegreen Timeshare Signs Letter of Intent to Sell

Bluegreen Timeshare Signs Letter of Intent to Sell


The Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Bluegreen timeshare, Bluegreen Corporation intends to sell to Las Vegas-based timeshare developer and manager, Diamond Resorts LLC. The reported sales price will be $15 per share, or about $500 million excluding outstanding debt owed by Bluegreen.

Alan B. Levan, who is Bluegreen’s chairman, says the offer was unsolicited, but admitted that Bluegreen timeshare has been considering its options. A statement released by Bluegreen timeshare quoted Levan as saying, “When Diamond presented our board with this unsolicited, attractive offer, we believed that it was in the best interest of our shareholders to pursue this transaction at this time.”

In April 2007, Diamond Resorts timeshare bought Sunterra timeshare for approximately $750 million. Diamond Resorts believes it is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s largest timeshare companies, with 110 branded or affiliated resorts in 14 countries and over 360,000 owners. Their timeshare resort locations include North and South America (and Hawaii), and Europe.

Bluegreen Timeshare

A nonbinding letter of intent has been signed by Bluegreen timeshare. The company’s stock dipped to $6.44 a share with the news, coming off a 52-week high of $11.85. Bluegreen’s business focuses heavily on their residential community development, golf communities, and home sales. One has to wonder how much the weak real estate market has affected the Bluegreen corporation and if the impact of declining home prices on part of their business made the offer from Diamond Resorts look even more attractive.

Tell Us Your Best and Worst Timeshare Promotion Stories

Tell Us Your Best and Worst Timeshare Promotion Stories

What a great time to spend Canadian dollars on US timeshare! I know I have mentioned this before, but with the value of Canada’s loonie strong to the US dollar, Canadians have never been better positioned to buy timeshare or rent timeshare in the United States.

And since Canadians are quickly realizing this, there have been a number of articles on timeshares and vacation ownership in the Canadian press lately with good advice for anyone who wants to buy timeshare or buy timeshare resales. But, I was particularly impressed with an article I read in, titled, “No such thing as a free lunch“. Reporter Sandy Fife has done an excellent job of defining the pitfalls (many) and the benefits (a few) of attending timeshare promotions in order to enjoy a reduced rate vacation.

Notwithstanding the fact that a timeshare promotion deal may enable you to take a vacation with free or deeply discounted rates, and provides you an excellent chance to try before you buy timeshare, the high-pressure tactics of some salespeople may offset the value of what would have otherwise been a relaxing vacation.

If You Attend a Timeshare Presentation…

Fife offers the following good suggestions for surviving a timeshare promotion:

  • Choose a reputable name in the hotel and/or timeshare resort industry for your free (or reduced) getaway.
  • Be very careful if you choose to respond to a timeshare promotion that contacts you only by email or phone solicitation.
  • And lastly, she says, don’t even think about going if you are susceptible to high-pressure sales pitches.

As one seasoned veteran of enjoying timeshare promotions was quoted as saying, “You should never buy at a presentation, because time-shares cost much less on resale.” I couldn’t have said that better myself.

If you have ever considered going on a timeshare promotion vacation, just to enjoy the perks that come with it, take a few minutes and read the article first. And if you want to sidestep the sales rush and developer prices, go straight to shopping timeshare resales.

When you visit the website for Sell My Timeshare NOW, we don’t give you free tickets to theme parks, or a coupon good for breakfast, but you can browse and peruse our huge inventory of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals as much, and as often as you like. You can show up in your pajamas or your favorite sweats, and from the comfort and convenience of your personal computer, you can take your time selecting the timeshare vacation option that is right for you. Best of all, what you save when you buy timeshare resales instead of paying developer prices, will help you pay for future vacations—vacations that don’t involve sitting through sales presentations.

Here are links to a few of the timeshare resorts from which you can choose at Sell My Timeshare NOW.