3 Worthwhile Tips for a Better Timeshare Vacation

3 Worthwhile Tips for a Better Timeshare Vacation

People vacation for lots of different reasons … some want to rev up their adrenaline with new experiences. Others want to amp that energy all the way down, lounging by the pool with little more than a test pattern going through their brain. Either way, a timeshare vacation is a perfect solution.

Today’s timeshare resorts can be found in the most popular destinations as well as the most unique settings. Whether you long for excitement, exploration, action sports, nightlife, remote peace and quiet, or all of the above, there’s a timeshare vacation destination that’s ideal for you.

Wherever you choose to enjoy your next timeshare vacation, here are three simple tips guaranteed to make your experience richer and more meaningful.

  1. Eat at least once where the locals dine. Yes, your timeshare resort probably offers onsite restaurants, bars, and bistros serving all your favorite foods, but you add a new and unforgettable memorable dimension to any trip or holiday when you make a point to eat what and where the local people eat. Sample conch chowder during your Key West timeshare vacation. Try the unique blends of curry, each one distinctive to the chef who prepares it, when you vacation in an India timeshare or India timeshare resale. Or how about dining one evening on a laulau of butterfish cooked to perfection inside bundled taro leaves before you head back to your beachside Hawaii timeshare? There is no better (or tastier) way to get to know a local culture than through its food and drinks.
  2. Do one activity on every timeshare vacation that is part of the lifestyle of that destination. Launch a kayak, ride horseback, or sit by the beach and listen to the rhythm of reggae band— choose what interests you, but make the effort to experience the local culture.
  3. Make a friend. During our busy daily routines, most of us rarely take time to stop and chat with people who help shape the quality of our days. Don’t let this same hurried approach apply to your timeshare vacation. Wherever you travel, take time to engage with both other travelers and with the locals at your destination. Ask questions; show people that you are genuinely interested in listening to them share with you. Life shouldn’t just be only about tweeting and Facebook. Life should also be about face-to-face and a timeshare vacation affords you the opportunity to make your travels both real and memorable.

The laidback sound of Ziggy Marley is a perfect example of memorable music to enjoy during your Jamaica timeshare resale vacation.

Key West Timeshare is the Site for a Family Story with a Very Happy Ending

Key West Timeshare is the Site for a Family Story with a Very Happy Ending

In addition to using timeshare for memorable vacations, honeymoons, and get-away-from-it-all retreats, timeshares are often the setting for family reunions. Because of their spaciousness, larger timeshare units mean an extended or blended family, or perhaps several families, can often share one timeshare villa, with plenty of room for all. A family reunion at a timeshare resort typically means there will be activities and entertainment to suit family members of all ages.

But for all the family reunions that will happen this summer at timeshare resorts across the country and around the world, there will probably be none more touching than the reunion that took place recently at a popular Key West timeshare, the Galleon Resort and Marina.

A Happy Reunion at a Key West Timeshare Resort

When child protective services separated three little boys from their father, back in the late 1940’s, it meant each brother would grow up without knowing the other two. But last week, a lifetime of separation ended when the three men were reunited.

The Galleon Resort and Marina timeshare

Jim Shultz, age 62; Mike Searcy, age 61; and Michael Lewis Locker, age 60, came together for the first time since being separated some sixty years ago. As babies and toddlers, they were split up and then sent to orphanages or foster parents, pending adoption.

All of the men were renamed in their new families, with two brothers being given the name “Michael”. Jim, who is now retired, previously worked in the security business while his brother Mike Locker, also retired, chose a similar career in law enforcement. Both Jim and Mike Locker grew up knowing they were adopted and as adults were able to find each other and build a relationship. But Mike Searcy did not know until 2007 that either of the other two existed.

Searcy, who regularly vacations in his Key West timeshare at the Galleon Resort and Marina, told The Key West Newspaper, “We have been building a long-distance relationship for the past six months, but we didn’t meet face-to-face until I picked them up at the airport here last Saturday.”

The Galleon Resort and Marina timeshare is an idyllic place to retreat for any reason. The five-star resort with its own 90-slip marina overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and the warm tranquil waters of Key West. Both the timeshare resort’s sparkling pool and its private, white sand beach no doubt provided these three brothers and their wives a serene setting to relax and get to know each other. As Mike Shultz summed up their week together, “Mike (Searcy) has been showing us around, but what we have been doing mostly is just telling each other about our lives.”

Plan Your Own Memorable Getaway at a Key West Timeshare

You may never plan a Florida timeshare vacation that is quite as dramatic as this story of three long lost siblings reunited. But the experiences you create today with your family are the memories you will treasure for a lifetime. As busy as your schedule is, why not streamline the vacation planning process with an affordable timeshare resale, and devote your free time to some memory making of your own?

Resources for Families

For family members separated through adoption, reconnecting can be challenging as state and local adoption and privacy laws vary greatly across the US. Here are four organizations that people sometimes turn to for help with their search:

This Time the Cutbacks and Layoffs are at Hyatt Timeshares

This Time the Cutbacks and Layoffs are at Hyatt Timeshares

As inauguration day dawns cold and clear in Washington DC, the US economy has many timeshare sales employees across the company – even those in sunny Key West – feeling the chill.

Timeshare resales at Hyatt’s Windward Pointe timeshare in Key West.

Last week The Hyatt Vacation Club in Key West implemented corporate-mandated layoffs in their sales and marketing departments. The resort, known as Windward Pointe, is operated by Hyatt timeshare and owned by the Key West-based Spottswood Companies. Spottswood also owns the Marriot Beachside Hotel, the Coconut Beach Resort, the Holiday Inn, and the Comfort Inn, all in Key West.

Built in 2001, this Key West timeshare has 104 two-bedroom, two-bath timeshare units, that Hyatt sells from just under $10,000; to about $30,000, for the highest demand season, which in Key West is during Christmas and during Fantasy Fest, always scheduled near Halloween.

According to KeysNet.com, Larry Shulman, a senior vice president at Hyatt’s Beverly Hills office said, “We don’t typically comment a lot on these types of things … different than any business across the country … we’ve had to revisit our business model and downsize.” Shulman did mention that cuts were happening across the board at many Hyatt properties, primarily hitting the timeshare sales and marketing departments the hardest.

Sales information at the Monroe County Property Appraiser’s office shows that timeshare sales at Windward Pointe in 2008 were less than half of what they were in 2007, even though the average sale price had increased to $21,551.

Currently there are more than 40 Windward Pointe timeshare resales or timeshare rentals available at Sell My Timeshare NOW, starting at just under $10,000.

Interval International Timeshare Exchange Inks New Deal with Kosmas Group

Interval International Timeshare Exchange Inks New Deal with Kosmas Group

Interval International Timeshares Exchange and Kosmas Group International have announced a long-term affiliation agreement in regard to timeshare resort properties in Key West, New Smyrna Beach, and Orlando, Florida.

Craig M. Nash, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Interval Leisure Group says, “The Kosmas Group has been one of the leading companies in vacation ownership for more than 30 years. We greatly value this relationship and are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to provide Kosmas’ owners with exchange and leisure services, as well as to offer KGI a variety of programs to enhance their sales initiatives.”

Representatives of the Kosmas Group explained that they made their decision to renew the alliance with Interval International timeshare exchange because of II’s commitment to work collaboratively. “Interval offers us an innovative portfolio of business development products, including value-added membership and trial ownership programs and tour incentive premiums, which complement our own very successful marketing strategy. Perhaps most importantly, Interval is uniquely positioned to offer our current and future owners access to high quality resorts in very desirable destinations.”

Kosmss Group International (KGI) member owners will be enrolled as individual members of Interval International and of Interval Gold (R), Interval International’s upgraded membership program. Their expanded privileges will enable them to exchange timeshare at other luxurious timeshare resorts, or use the value of their timeshare toward the purchase of cruises, spa vacations, and golf. Other benefits include 24-hr. daily concierge service via phone or e-mail, complimentary Hertz rental car Gold membership, and other hotel and dining discounts.

To learn more about the opportunities of timeshare exchange, talk to the timeshare resales and timeshare rental specialists at Sell My Timeshare NOW. 877-815-4227