Orange Lake Timeshares and the Twins Who Look Out for the Swans

Orange Lake timeshares is generally known as a great place for a relaxing vacation with amenities to please the whole family, but I bet you never knew that they are also a swan’s best friend.

Orange Lake timeshare employees doing important work to protect the environment

Orange Lake timeshare resort (in Orlando, Florida) employs a duo of resident naturalists, twin sisters, Shirley and Sheila Bolin. Sheila A. Bolin, MS, is the official swan keeper for Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in Orlando, Florida, while her twin, Shirley A. Bolin, AGS, is the head photographer there. Shirley’s photographs and stories have been published in Sports Illustrated, The Miami Herald, USA Today, and other prestigious publications.

The sisters not only help safeguard the wellbeing of the swans, but work to protect the ecosystems at all Orange Lake timeshare resort properties. Together with the Orange Lake timeshare Grounds Superintendent, Shawn Boschert, the dedicated sisters work as members of The Regal Swan ®, a scientific research team that has discovered how to correct a threatening bacteria discoloration in swans.

This past April, US Congressman Tom Feeney presented the Florida Governor’s Points of Light Award to The Regal Swan ® at Orange Lake Resort & Country Club. The researchers had pioneered the use of a specific cattle vaccine used to treat botulism and an equine West Nile Virus vaccine to be used on swans. They were recognized by the Governor for their important contribution to environmental education.

Obviously there is a lot more going at timeshare resorts than most of us ever realized.

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