New Pennsylvania Law Affects Timeshare Sales Presentations

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell signed a new bill into law this week dealing with timeshare real estate sales presentations. Senate Bill 886 amends the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act and requires that if someone must attend a presentation in order to obtain a prize, then he or she must also be provided a written or electronic disclosure at least once before attending that timeshare sales presentation. Verbal disclosures do not qualify as providing the consumer adequate notice about the terms of the timeshare deal.

According to the State of Pennsylvania’s official press release, “While it is common for the timeshare industry to require that a person attend a sales presentation prior to receiving a prize or gift (like a free night’s stay at the timeshare, golf clubs or a DVD player), attendees are not always aware that they must attend a sales presentation as a condition of receiving the prize/gift.”

The new bill defines that the timeshare real estate deal disclosure must be communicated in a “clear, coherent, and conspicuous manner”. In other words, no more fine print, causing the average person to overlook or fail to understand that what seems to be offered as a free gift, actually requires his or her attendance at a timeshare sales pitch first.

Good step Governor Rendell! You know what they say about the odds in life of actually getting something for nothing.

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