How Timeshare Real Estate Can Be Like Selling Your Home

According to, in a real estate section article titled, “Soft Market Secrets to Selling a High –End Home,” new home sales are at their lowest level in over 12 years. Home mortgage applications have fallen to their lowest level in a year, and people with homes they must sell are learning that the real estate market tolerates few miscues by home sellers.

But the science of selling residential property in a tough market offers us some value insight about selling timeshare real estate. Consider the three important observations Forbes writer, Matt Woolsey, makes in his article:

  1. Price your property right from the very beginning. A 2002 University of the Pacific study examined almost 3500 home sales and found that sellers who priced their property high, and later reduced the price, took longer to sell and ultimately sold for less than homes that were priced competitively the day they went on the market.
  2. The perks you add to your deal may not be what actually creates the sale, but they are the incentives that create interest in your property, and the more buzz you create, the more likely you are to find a buyer.
  3. Using the internet is huge. The National Association of Realtors estimates that three quarters of all homebuyers begin their searches online.

It is not rocket science to see how much all three of these residential sales facts carry over to the buying and selling of timeshare real estate.

Sell My Timeshare NOW urges timeshare owners who want to sell timeshare to look seriously at competitive properties on the market and then price their timeshare unit to sell. Sure, you can price high, and lower your asking price later, but what do you really gain by this approach?

Next, remember why you bought the timeshare condo or timeshare unit to begin with, and make sure you emphasize to prospective buyers the benefits and advantages of buying timeshare at your resort.

Lastly, if you think the internet is huge in helping homebuyers find residential property, double or triple that impact for helping you sell timeshare. When you want to sell timeshare, you can’t count on Sunday afternoon drive-bys to bring you your buyer. You have to deal with a timeshare advertising and marketing company that can put your property in front of a global audience of prospective timeshare buyers—and for that, there is no better choice than Sell My Timeshare NOW.

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