Book Offers Insights for Timeshare Vacationers

Travel writer Lynne Christen is known as a Life Tips Travel Guru. Her book, Travel Wisdom-Tips, Tools, and Tactics for All Travelers was runner up for the best 2004 travel book, voted by the North American Travel Journalists Association. Her newest book, 101 Vacation Rentals Tips, is a handy guidebook that offers exactly what its title promises: 101 tips – many of which are as helpful to timeshare owners as they are to vacation home owners and renters.

As the author explains in her foreword, “A vacation home rental allows us to briefly become ‘locals’ rather than tourists … a good base for exploring the immediate area, venturing forth on entertaining and educational day trips knowing we will be returning to the luxury and privacy of ‘home’ at night.”

That really says a lot about timeshare ownership, doesn’t it? Timeshares offer you the luxury and privacy of home at night and a good base for exploring. For a few days, a week, or maybe two, you become a local at a new and intriguing destination.

In 101 Vacation Rentals Tips, Christen categorizes her advice geographically: Cape Cod; Caribbean; European; Florida; Hawaii; Lake Tahoe; and Las Vegas vacation. She also throws in sections for golf vacation tips and ski vacation tips. It’s all very handy information and is excellent to know when you plan a timeshare vacation – whether you are looking at buying timeshare, renting timeshare, or exchanging a timeshare you already own.

Here are excerpts from 3 tips found in 101 Vacation Rentals Tips that you may find handy:

  • Provincetown (Cape Cod) MA. “Provincetown, called P-Town by locals is located in the outermost point of Cape Cod … Over 30 miles of beach front and an active historic seaport make Provincetown the perfect launching point for whale watching …”
  • The Emerald Coast of Florida. “Although the pristine, sugar-white sand beaches are the main draw, there’s plenty to do off the beaches … Military buffs enjoy Pensacola’s National Museum of Naval Aviation and the Air For Armament Museum in Fort Walton Beach … And, along the coast of Okaloosa, Walton and Bay Counties golfers can play 18 holes of golf every day for over a month without playing the same hole twice.”
  • Las Vegas, Nevada. “Vegas Veterans offer these tips: Set your limits. Determine your gambling budget before you arrive in Vegas and stick to it … practice playing early morning when tables are not crowded … Enjoy the free cocktails, but don’t over-imbibe and let alcohol dull your judgment.”

And to learn more about timesharing in these exciting vacation destinations, use these resources:

Source: 101 Vacation Rentals Tips, a LifeTips Book Series, by Lynn Christen. © 2006, Inc., Charlestown, MA.