What’s Tropical Storm Fay Doing to Your Favorite Florida Timeshare?

For a tropical storm that, as of the time I’m writing this, has yet to make it to full-blown hurricane status, Fay sure has created havoc in Florida, and clearly isn’t through yet. The only thing that isn’t clear about Fay is where she will make trouble next.

Tropical Storm Fay is responsible for at least 10 known deaths in the Caribbean, but none in the US as of this time. There has been one death indirectly blamed on the storm when a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning while testing his home generator as part of his pre-storm preparations. Additionally, a kite surfer was critically injured when storm winds slammed him first into the ground and then into a building. Neither this death nor this serious injury will be attributed to the Tropical Storm Fay. But this storm is far from finished with Florida.

Fay first made landfall along the southern tip of the Florida Keys on Monday, then veered out into the Gulf of Mexico. On Tuesday, Fay made her second Florida landfall near Naples, still maintaining as a tropical storm, despite spending time over warm open waters, which typically causes a storm to strengthen. Fay then slowly moved northeast across the state, dumping massive amounts of rain. Stalling out over Melbourne and Cape Canaveral, Fay has/and is setting rainfall records, with some areas anticipated to receive 30 or more inches of wet stuff. So over the next two days The Timeshare Authority will look at what you should know if you own Florida timeshare, or have a Florida timeshare vacation planned…

Florida Timeshares in South Florida, Key West Timeshare, and Miami Timeshare

Florida timeshare in most of south Florida, including Key West timeshare and Miami timeshare, had a few days of wind and rain, but experienced no significant damages. Tourists and non-residents were asked to leave the Keys, as it was impossible to predict how much wind and flooding Fay would cause. Approximately 25,000 tourists heeded the warning and headed north, according to officials. If you have Florida timeshare in the southern part of the state, on either coast, it is undamaged and ready for your next visit.

You South Florida timeshare is ready for your next timeshare vacation.

Air traffic in and out of Fort Myers, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale was impacted on Monday and Tuesday. If you had air travel booked into any of these airports, and changed it because of the weather, contact your airlines immediately, as most have waived the change fees for flights during this period. Typically airlines honoring the waived fees will only do so if you ask them about this at the time of the change or immediately afterward.

Okay, that’s the good news about Florida timeshare, including Key West timeshare and Miami timeshare. Tomorrow’s The Timeshare Authority will look at how Tropical Storm Fay is changing vacation plans in the rest of the Sunshine State.