Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare Goes from Green to Greener

We’ve been updating you all year on what Marriott International and Marriot Vacation Club timeshare is doing to protect and preserve the environment. In February, The Timeshare Authority brought you an update on Marriott Vacation Club employees in Orlando, FL who made the switch from plastic eating utensils and Styrofoam serve ware in their cafeterias. They even switched to SpudWare ™, which are eating utensils that are made from potato starch and that completely biodegrade in 100 days after disposal.

Marriott has also taken steps to make their greens environmentally greener on golf courses at Marriott Hotels and Marriott timeshares, by using more eco-friendly methods of golf course maintenance, including reducing their use of chemicals on the greens and fairways.

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Last week in Salt Lake City, Utah, Marriott Vacation Club International expanded their efforts to go green by conducting the Green Fair, involving more than 18 businesses and non-profit organizations. The idea behind the Green Fair is to educate and inform employees and associations about actions they can personally take to recycle and reduce energy consumption.

Over 900 Marriott Vacation Club International associates received reusable eco-friendly mugs and shopping bags. They were also given the opportunity to calculate their individual carbon footprint. Ron Essig, vice president of global owner products and services for Marriott Vacation Club International said, “This is just one step toward Marriott International’s efforts to preserve the environment, acting both locally here in Salt Lake City and across the Marriott Vacation Club International division. With more than 900 associates at the Salt Lake City Marriott Customer Service Center, if we all do our part, we can definitely make a difference-both at the office and at home.”

Marriott vacation club estimates that the immediate result of their effort to go green will be a reduction of nearly 100,000 pieces of plastic ware that would have wound up in landfills.

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