Sell Timeshare – What Are My Options?

Okay, summer is over, and perhaps you failed to use your timeshare once again. If you have a timeshare that you are not enjoying, and you are not interested in using it as a timeshare rental, then you should consider selling it as a timeshare resale.

But do you understand your options for reselling your timeshare?

One choice is to work with a timeshare broker, a real estate professional who will handle your timeshare resale for you. You will be using a licensed real estate broker, and you should expect the broker to charge you a commission when your timeshare sells. Commissions for timeshare resales are typically higher than real estate commissions for selling a home, so expect to pay as much as 15 to 30 percent in sales commission.

For Sell by Owner Timeshare Resales Advertising

Your other realistic option for selling your timeshare is to let Sell My Timeshare NOW advertise your timeshare for you. Using the vast exposure of the internet, your timeshare ad can be seen by interested timeshare buyers all over the world.

The job of a timeshare advertising company is to position your timeshare resales ad so that it draws global visibility in a worldwide marketplace. And nothing does that better than internet advertising does. Where once your daily newspaper or even television was a good way to attract many buyers, today’s tool of choice for maximum exposure advertising is the internet.

This short video can help you learn more about your options to sell timeshare efficiently …