How Do We Market to Timeshare Resale Buyers?

At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we market to timeshare resale buyers…the right way.

How can I say this with such certainty? Because both our own research and a third party website traffic tracking system verifies that 80 percent of the people that come to our website,, are prospective timeshare buyers and renters.

When you advertise your timeshare resale or timeshare rental through Sell My Timeshare NOW, you are putting it in front of a widespread and highly interested marketplace of people who have already decided that buying timeshare or renting timeshare is right for them.

Yes, we want to help you sell your timeshare resale, or rent it as a timeshare rental. We are honored to have your business, and we work hard at Sell My Timeshare NOW LLC, to give you the best service possible with personalized attention to all the details that make your timeshare sales transaction unique. But we also recognize the importance of the timeshare buyer and the timeshare renter. Attracting and maintaining a steady influx of interested timeshare buyers and renters is one of the most meaningful things we can do to benefit timeshare sellers and timeshare owners who want to use their property as a timeshare rental.

Your Best Choice for Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Rentals

Let’s face it, you can advertise your timeshare resale on any timeshare resales website, but unless that timeshare sales website can promise you an incredible amount of traffic and that the traffic will genuinely be interested in buying or renting timeshare, then your timeshare may never move at all. Sell My Timeshare NOW uses the best and most effective strategies in internet marketing today, translating to maximum exposure.

Here’s what you want to do: Contact Sell My Timeshare NOW at 877-815-4227. Ask us to prove to you just how much website traffic we receive. Then move forward, advertising your timeshare resale on You will have full confidence that your timeshare is highly visible on the World Wide Web, to a market that specifically targets timeshare buyers and renters.

This short video (also found on YouTube) tells you more about how Sell My Timeshare NOW will market your timeshare resale or timeshare rental in the most effective way possible.