More Orange Lake Timeshare Resorts Join the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Brand

Orange Lake timeshare resorts in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and in Panama City, Florida are now officially part of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Brand Portfolio. Already branded by the new Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare is the Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Christian Hempell, vice president, Holiday Inn Club Vacations FL, says, “We’re pleased to offer leisure travelers and their families two more destinations for the ultimate resort vacation experience. Whether they’re looking for a great golf experience, spa treatments, a ski getaway or a sunny beach escape, our guests will find that Holiday Inn Club Vacations provides the comfort and value of Holiday Inn in a full-service resort style environment, and they can now take advantage of two more Holiday Inn destinations to spend their precious leisure time with family.”

Not the Typical Timeshare Deal

The formation of the new Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare company was announced last September, uniting IHG hotelier with Orange Lake Resorts, companies that already shared a history and a working relationship. One of the most interesting things about the alliance is that Holiday Inn’s involvement is through a licensing and marketing agreement and involved no capital investment. Orange Lake timeshare continues to own and operate the timeshares while benefiting from the global brand identity of Holiday Inn.

While other timeshare companies are shaking their piggy banks and tightening their belts, this is a noteworthy time for Holiday Inn to be stepping into the timeshare business on any terms. On the other hand, the timing could turn out to be just right.

Holiday Inn is a brand with roots in America’s happier times, when visions of hitting the open road, day tripping, or driving Route 66 with the top down all beckoned. Young baby boomers were loading their family in their Chevy Impala or Ford Galaxy, eager to see America. Holiday Inn was part of their dream, providing accommodations that travelers knew would be safe, clean, and affordable, whether they were visiting the Grand Canyon or simply in route to Grandma’s.

As today’s Americans reassess how they spend their money, they are looking for symbols of those happier, more hopeful days. This recessionary economy is proving to be good business for companies that are perceived to be affordable and to offer predictable standards in their products. McDonalds and Burger King are weathering this depression just fine; and the comfort and familiarity of a name such as Holiday Inn, which has long stood for reasonably priced accommodations, could be exactly what America is looking for.

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