Changes in CRDA Timeshare Conference

Now is a good time to remind everyone in the timeshare industry that the CRDA Conference, originally scheduled for next week, has been postponed. Instead of the scheduled conference, CRDA, which stands for the Canadian Resort Development Association, will host a special meeting of its Board and Executive leadership team to address the challenges that currently face the timeshare resort development community, both in Canada and throughout the world.

Ross Perlmutter, president of CRDA says, “CRDA’s primary role has always been to provide a conduit for the industry’s premier professionals to share their knowledge and experience with one another for the betterment of the industry as a whole. After careful consultation with our Board of Directors, we have determined that our time together this fall would be much better served by setting aside the traditional conference model and instead producing a condensed, focused and intensive 3-day leadership forum, exclusively dedicated to addressing and solving the specific challenges faced by our Members and their employees. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues and other considerations involved in staging this special leadership forum, CRDA’s Board of Directors was left with no choice but to postpone our “Resort Development Summit” for the time being, however, we will DEFINITELY be re-launching this important event in the spring of 2010.”

Permutter adds, “The fact is, our Association has recently managed to double the attendance at our conferences year over year, and we simply believe that we owe it to everyone involved to maintain this momentum, and to ensure that our acclaimed Annual Conference remains relevant, meaningful and affordable for as many sponsors, exhibitors and attendees as possible. It just isn’t in our DNA to provide anything less than the absolute best that we can offer, and our Members have indicated that they would prefer that we lead the way via a tightly focused leadership forum as opposed to a traditional, multi-faceted convention at this time.”

Another smart and timely decision by leaders within the timeshare industry. When the going gets tough, the tough reorganize and get a new game plan.

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