Mexico Timeshares in Hot Demand with College Basketball Fans

Timeshare owners don’t take advantage of the fact that owning timeshare at the right location, (or exchanging timeshare for the right location) at the right time, can translate to a bargain deal on event accommodations. For example, Miami timeshare for the week of February 7, 2010 puts you in the right place at the right time for Super Bowl XLIV. Or Vancouver timeshare a few weeks later could put you in the midst of Winter Olympic excitement.

So where do you wish you had timeshare tonight? How about a Mexico timeshare at the beautiful Moon Palace Resort? The temperature is comfortably in the 80’s there right now and the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Atlantic producing endless ocean views of azure blue. Oh yes, and did I mention, you could also be courtside for some outstanding NCAA basketball?

Palace Resorts at Moon Palace Timeshare

The Cancun Challenge is being played there featuring the University of Kentucky, Cleveland State, Florida A&M, Oral Roberts, Rider, Sam Houston State, Stanford, and the University of Virginia. Admission to all eight games costs $300, if you are staying at the Moon Palace Resort or other Palace Resort. Basketball fans not staying at one of the Palace Resort timeshares pay an access fee to the property of $162 on top of the cost of the tickets.

Once you are there at your Moon Palace Resort timeshare, not only is there great basketball backed up by unlimited fun, surf, and sun, but because this Mexico timeshare is an all-inclusive resort, your food, drinks, and the amenities of the timeshare resort are unlimited.

Pre-scheduling your timeshare exchange (or booking a timeshare rental) to put you in the right place at the right time is an excellent use of timeshare and one too many timeshare owners overlook. So before you miss the “next big thing” here’s a suggestion. Get out your calendar and go online to find the dates and locations of concerts, sporting events, exhibits, meteor showers or whatever it is in life that you enjoy most, and then use your timeshare for timeshare exchange, or schedule a timeshare rental, so that next time, you are exactly where you dream of being, at a beautiful (right-priced) resort at the heart of the excitement.