Are Timeshare Resorts Ready for Human Bed Warmers?

Will human bed warmers show up at your timeshare resort?

I am not sure any of us are truly ready for human bed warmers, but apparently, Holiday Inn, UK, thinks maybe we are.

Introduced at Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum, Holiday Inn Manchester Central Park, and Holiday Inn Kingston South, hotel guests can, (during a trial period) reserve a human bed warmer to raise the temperature of their bed sheets. This service provides for a member of the human bed warmer team, dressed in an all-in-one-sleeper suit, to climb under your covers and pre-warm your bed using body heat.

Jane Bednall, spokesperson for Holiday Inn explains: “People want to leave the cold outside and climb into a warm bed. The new Holiday Inn bed warmers service is a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed, warming it up before guests climb in to give them a great night’s sleep away from the cold. And of course they jump out before you jump in!”

I don’t know how I feel about this idea, but I do know there are some excellent cobranded Holiday Inn Orange Lake timeshare resorts in sunny Florida, where you could skip the need for this service all together.

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