Disney Wedding Plans Call for a Disney Timeshare Honeymoon

Each year more than 1600 couples plan their wedding for Walt Disney World Resort. Starting in 1991, the Orlando theme park has hosted over 30,000 weddings. Many wedding industry experts cite Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world.

The first Disney wedding to be hosted in the Wedding Pavilion (1995) was televised on Lifetime Television. Today, the Wedding Pavilion at Walt Disney World can host up to six weddings a day, but couples can choose to be married at many other locations throughout the resort. Park services easily handle up to 12 weddings per day within the resort’s four theme parks.

In addition to Cinderella’s Castle as a wedding backdrop, other popular themed weddings at the park include a safari theme at Disney’s Animal Kingdom; a Hollywood extravaganza at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; and international themes at Epcot. One couple even said their vows on Disney’s The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror.

A Disney Timeshare for a Lifetime of Magic Moments

A Disney themed wedding starts at just over $4000 and Disney offers several add-on honeymoon packages. But no one has money to throw around these days and a Disney timeshare resale offers a couple an excellent way to begin a lifetime of memorable vacations. For couples taking the plunge but who aren’t quite ready to plunge into becoming a timeshare owner, there are also excellent opportunities in right-priced Disney timeshare rentals.

The Disney timeshare resale a couple buys today would make a perfect anniversary destination for living happily ever after.

Check this video for more information from Disney Wedding planner Kori McFann.