Timeshare Vacations Make it Easy to Bring Home Great Memories, Not Extra Pounds

There is a lot in life that annoys us and that we can do little to control…like the price of gas. But with nearly 200 million Americans considered to be overweight or obese, weight gain is clearly a topic of annoyance for many people.

Fortunately, it is also one over which we do have (or can have) control.

In an article titled, “6 easy ways to avoid weight gain on vacation” published on myOptumHealth.com, nutritionist Jane Schwartz Harrison, RD, offers suggestions for how to relax and enjoy your vacation, without picking up extra pounds in the process. She recommends that you:

Get moving. Add exercise to your vacation in fun ways as well as just walking instead of grabbing that shuttle or tour bus.

Do the balancing act. Don’t deprive yourself of special foods, but when you do indulge, counterbalance it by cutting calories and fat elsewhere in your diet that day.

Watch portions. Sharing portions can help keep costs and calories under control.

Plan ahead. Stock up on healthy snacks.

Drink – with caution. Calories in both alcohol and mixers add up fast. Daiquiris, margaritas, and coladas can run between 300 and 600 calories per drink.

Treat yourself – without food. Indulge in movies, manicures, massages and other ways to feel special rather than food as a treat.

Let a Timeshare Resale Make Your Vacation Easier

Let’s add one more tip to this list: Vacation in a timeshare or timeshare rental. Doing so, makes the first six tips easier to implement.

Most timeshares are equipped with a full or partial kitchen, which not only makes it easy to stay on your special diet but keeps you away from the temptations of restaurant menus. Eating-in for some or all of your meals makes it easier to control what you eat, while you save on the cost of dining out.

Timeshare condos or a timeshare rental with kitchen, lets you stock up on healthful treats, snacks, and even your favorite lower calorie beverage choices. On top of that, most timeshare resorts offer both fun ways to be active along with options for hitting the spa when you want to relax and indulge.

This year, let a timeshare resale or timeshare rental make it easy to bring home seashells, a suntan, or a new interest in a sport, but not those unwanted extra pounds.