Timeshare Condos More Spacious … and You Get a Bathtub!

Marriott's BeachPlace Towers timeshare resalesLast week, USA Today reported on an interesting trend … bathtubs are disappearing from hotels. No it’s not that hotel guests have found a way to take home the hotel’s bath tub along with its towels; this is a matter of planning and design.

Hotel developers have noticed that most of their guests prefer showers, citing that many are busy business travelers and don’t have time for a luxurious soak and that others simply choose showers over baths, even when tubs are available.

In the past ten years, Holiday Inn has shifted from 95 percent of its hotels having tubs to only 55 percent having tubs today. At Marriott, the plan is for only 25 percent of their hotels to have bathtubs, and the rest will be showers only.

But the campaign to eliminate bathtubs is not expected to show up in Holiday Inn Vacation Club timeshares, Marriott timeshares or most other timeshare condos. Vacations are an opportunity to allow yourself the extra time to indulge in a long, relaxing bath. Just as importantly, bathtubs are typically preferred for bathing children. A 2008 survey by Embassy Suites found that a tub or bath/shower combination is the first choice for vacationers, especially when traveling with young children.

A Timeshare Condo Mean More Room, More of the Comforts of Home

Let’s face it, most households today have more than one television, they have video games for the children, and DVD players or DVR’s for enjoying favorite movies. When these conveniences are part of our homes, why shouldn’t they also be part of our vacations?

A timeshare condo means a family doesn’t have to squeeze into one or two hotel rooms, eat takeout on the bed, and all agree to watch one television and share a single bathroom.

Timeshare condos are about vacationing in spacious accommodations that include the amenities of home and room to be together as well as space to spread out.