What Timeshare Resort Developers Already Knew

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AdGooroo has released interesting information from an internet search analysis showing that the most frequently occurring travel-related internet searches  involve transportation … airlines, train schedules, and automobile rentals.

But after travelers and vacationers figure out how they are getting where they seek to go, what topics are they then researching the most?

Analyzing roughly 1,000 travel-related keywords searched on Google an estimated 2.4 billion times during January and February 2012, AdGooroo found that 7.3 percent of all searches involved the word “Disney” while another 6.3 percent involved the words, “Las Vegas.”

Other frequently searched terms include the words: Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii.

Richard Stokes, founder and CEO of AdGooroo, says, “Travel is one of the most keyword-competitive industries. So it represents fertile ground for search marketers in the travel category to apply industry insight and deepen their understanding both of their marketplace and the competitive landscape.”

The Timeshare Industry Already Understood Where You Wanted to Vacation

For the timeshare industry, these search patterns only  reveal what timeshare developers already understand. The greatest concentration of timeshare resorts in any one area is found in Disney World’s hometown, Orlando, Florida. And not far behind in popularity for are Las Vegas timeshares, Caribbean timeshares, the many beautiful Mexico timeshare resorts, and of course, Hawaii timeshares, which is where timesharing in the US first got started.

Although the AdGooroo study only reinforces what the timeshare resort and vacation ownership industry already recognized about where people like to vacation and holiday, it did show that travel-related online searches are still reflecting a tight economy.  Words such as coupon, cheap, deal, low-price, and discount, show up in 13.3 percent of travel-related online searches. And with the excellent discounts available in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, bargain hunting travelers should be able to find exactly what they are seeking for their next vacation, at the destination they most want to visit and at a price that fits even a tight vacation budget.