to Roll Out a New Look for Our New Brand

Many in the vacation ownership and timeshare industry know that our company has been making major changes in order to serve both our consumer clients and our industry clients better. On March 30 of this year, we announced our newest brand: (see: Leading Timeshare Resale Company Rebranding As VacationOwnership.Com)

Rebranding a company, especially one with an internet presence as expansive as ours, is a big challenge. Although our new website is busy with the online activity of timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters through our licensed timeshare brokerage, we are still working daily to expand and improve the website.

We have also had the exciting opportunity of working on our new corporate logo. A process that isn’t—and really shouldn’t be—easy to do. After all, a logo plays an important role for a company. It must communicate, brand, engage, and attract. At the same time, it needs to look good on your website, your golf shirt, or your business card. It can’t be too busy or it will be distracting, nor can it be too plain which would make it boring. Most importantly, it has to speak to others for your company when you are not there to speak yourself.

The number of people who can say they would recognize the CEOs of NIKE, Coco-Cola, or McDonalds if they saw him or her walking by is vastly smaller than the number of people who know the brand marks of those corporations. People recognize certain logos so well that they can instantly identify them even without the presence of the company’s name beside the mark.

Yes, a little logo carries a lot of responsibility on its back. We can’t wait to start unveiling ours. We tried to think of a good hint to share about our new logo but decided that for now, we’d just have to tell you that it makes us feel good about our company every time we see it and we hope that’s how it will make you feel, too.

…watch for it soon!