Interval International for Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Exchange

Watch this video from Breckenridge Grand Vacations, to learn more about timeshare exchange of your Breckrenridge Grand Vacations timeshare through Interval International.

The days when a family would buy a timeshare and then be limited to only vacationing at the same resort, year after year, are long since over.

Why Timeshare Owners Like to Return to a Favorite Timeshare Resort

Before we elaborate on the benefits of timeshare exchange, let’s clarify that some timeshare owners choose to return to a favorite resort. Often, these owners enjoy the opportunity to create traditions for their children; to see their children experience a familiar destination first as toddlers, then during their elementary school years, and later as teens or college students. For these families, the anticipation of sharing the family resort vacation with future generations is part of the fun.

Other timeshare owners simply like the predictability of finding a destination they truly enjoy and knowing that each vacation will be at least as good as the last. They know before they go that their chosen resort offers the features and amenities they prefer. These owners may own other timeshares they use for timeshare exchange at different times during the year, but they still have one resort they enjoy so much, they make sure they vacation there year after year.

Why Other Timeshare Owners Rave about Timeshare Exchange

As much as some vacationers enjoy savoring a favorite spot each year, others feel the need to wander, to use their vacation time to explore resorts and destinations that are new territory for them. For these travelers, timeshare exchange is an ideal option. Interval International is one of the leaders in timeshare exchange, ranking as the second largest timeshare exchange company in the world.

Miami, Florida based, Interval International offers vacation ownership exchange, as well as travel and leisure services, with offices in 15 different countries. Its membership, which includes some 2 million vacationing families, enjoy timeshare exchange within Interval International’s more than 2600 affiliate resorts, located in 75 countries around the world.

More facts about Interval International timeshare exchange:

• Interval International members can make timeshare resort exchanges and other travel arrangements online and in real time at

• As a member of II, you can exchange your timeshare interval for another date, another location, or both.

• Interval International maintains dedicated Member-Services Centers around the world to offer personal assistance to its members.

• Membership programs at II include three tiers with varying benefits: Interval Gold; Interval Platinum; and Club Interval Gold.

Always expanding and updating its services to its owners, this past week Interval International announced a new partnership with DG Film, LLC, a full-service production firm that specializes in creating customized resort and location videos.

Jan Wyatt, Interval’s vice president of corporate marketing, explains, “Consumers are increasingly using Internet search in vacation planning, and expect to see video as part of the information that is available online. Creative, professionally produced high-definition video is a desirable way for developers to feature their resorts, and help travelers to visualize their next dream vacations.” (Read the full media release here:  INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL AND DG FILM FORM ALLIANCE: Offers developer clients creative video production services)