Florida Timeshares and Tourism Draw Governors Attention

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Florida timeshares and tourism were the main topics this week when Florida Governor Rick Scott visited the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando.

New State Guidelines for Florida Timeshares and Florida Timeshare Resales

Governor Scott was in Orlando to sign House Bill 1001, which defines new guidelines for buying and selling Florida timeshares. The Governor stated, “As visitors enjoy their vacation and business travel to Florida, it is only natural for them to want to figure out ways to keep coming back, and timeshares can be a way for vacationers to keep returning to our state. Unfortunately, several scams involving timeshare marketers eroded investors’ confidence in the timeshare system.”

With timeshare fraud and timeshare scams drawing the news media’s attention, Governor Scott and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi took a strong, proactive step to put new regulations in place to better protect timeshare buyers.

In her weekly newsletter, released this past Friday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, wrote, “By strengthening Florida’s timeshare resale laws and focusing on marketing and advertising practices, we can protect timeshare owners from unscrupulous companies that may try to scam them during the resale process.”

In commenting on Florida House Bill 1001, Governor Scott said, “This legislation will cut down on timeshare fraud and protect owners from unscrupulous resale companies. As we fight this fraud, integrity will come back into the system, and people can feel more confident investing in Florida, and in the timeshare market.”

Florida Timeshares are an Important Part of the State’s Tourism Industry

Florida tourism is critical to the state’s economy and well-being. Florida tourism in the state’s number one industry and generates 23 percent of the state’s sales tax revenue while also providing jobs for more than one million Florida residents. In 2011, Florida tourism welcomed 86.5 million visitors to the state and generated $67.2 billion in direct economic impact.

Governor Scott praised Florida State Legislature for increasing the state funding of VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official resource for the worldwide marketing of Florida tourism. Beginning with the new fiscal year on July 1, (the same date the new Florida timeshare resale laws go into effect), VISIT FLORIDA will be funded at $54 million, up from $34.9 million this past year.

Governor Scott explains, “To keep Florida in the front of travelers’ minds, VISIT FLORIDA is constantly fine-tuning our tourism marketing to attract business travelers and vacationers from around the world. This investment is good for Florida taxpayers because for every dollar spent on tourism marketing, VISIT FLORIDA generates $177 in tourism spending and $11 in new sales tax collections.”

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