Announcement from Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Alderwood Group

Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Alderwood Group
Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Alderwood Group

This week, Alderwood Management Group announced a new partnership with Dial An Exchange timeshare exchange company. Dial An Exchange timeshare company will now make it easier than ever for timeshare owners at Alderwood  managed resorts to exchange timeshare.

Below is the announcement made this week by Alderwood Management and Dial An Exchange timeshare.

Alderwood Management partners with Dial An Exchange

Big Bear, CA, Nags Head, NC & Steamboat Springs, CO; March 2013 – The Alderwood Group, a full-service, multi-site, shared ownership and vacation resort management firm announced the establishment of a partnership between their internal exchange division, Alderwood Advantage, and the global timeshare exchange provider, Dial An Exchange (DAE).

“At Alderwood Management, we are continuously seeking ways, such as this, to add value to our timeshare resort clients,” says Alderwood CEO Tom Johnson. “DAE will power our internal exchange to offer our owners ample access to a simple, reasonably priced exchange service.”

“Timeshare owners at Alderwood-managed properties can deposit weeks from their home resorts into our expansive network and withdraw them for a vacation anywhere in the world,” says DAE business development executive, Fermin Cruz. “DAE is providing Alderwood Advantage users with a simple, easy and flexible system, while letting the resorts get the most out of their inventory.”

Alderwood Advantage serves more than 10,000 owners/members within their family of resorts. Built with the traveler in mind, the new combined systems spread a smorgasbord of opportunities before Alderwood owners without charging any exchange company membership fees.


Since 1998, The Alderwood Group has provided financial, administrative and management services to vacation ownership properties, timeshare communities, homeowner associations and full-service resorts. The company partners and builds strategic alliances with its client Board of Directors and tailors services to meet the needs of its resort properties. Through its divisions – Alderwood Colorado Management, Alderwood Resort Management, and Alderwood Advantage – Alderwood designs tailored partnerships with its clients, building a reputation offering sensible management, effective sales positioning and strategic marketing while exceeding service and industry standards. For more information on how Alderwood can help you or your organization, visit or contact us at (909) 878-2277 or (970) 879-2333.


Today DAE is the world’s largest privately owned timeshare exchange provider with worldwide destination availability, an extensive network of corporate customers, and a nearly 450,000-member base. Offices are located in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, India, South Africa, Italy and now Eastern Europe. DAE membership is free and exchange fees are not charged until an exchange is confirmed. 

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