DAE Presents Online Resort Reviews

DAE Presents Online Resort Reviews

The timeshare exchange company DAE has partnered with the timeshareAdvisor to provide a new resource for their members. The timeshareAdvisor, a popular site for timeshare owners, offers a place where they can share reviews and ratings on their favorite—and least favorite—timeshare resorts.

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DAE China Fundraises for Education Charity

DAE China Fundraises for Education Charity

DAE China Raises Money for ChairtyToday, DAE China announced in a press release that they have fundraised over $4,000 for a local charity.

DAE China partnered with Pacific Sunrise for a philanthropy event to raise money for the Pearl Retrieving Project, an organization that helps underprivileged high school students to continue their education.

Since their founding in 2004, Pearl Retrieving Project has helped over 40,000 students to continue to learn through educational services.

This particular fundraiser, “Relay of Love, Youth Carry On”, was a charity sales event hosted at the Hui Da Business Park located in Shanghai. In total, the charity event fundraised $4,200.

Head of DAE China, Yang Chen saw the occasion as a chance for DAE China to support an organization which has such a positive impact on their local community. With the Pearl Retrieving Project, DAE China’s contribution could actually be felt within the community, and possibly educate students that may one day work for the company.

DAE China and Guests at Relay of Love

“When business is expanding, social responsibility also grows,” shared Mr. Chen. “DAE is a company that not only measures success by the number of members we have, but how we can make a difference to those members’ lives and the lives of others.

“DAE China strives to give back whenever possible, and we call upon more enterprises and individuals to do the same. We’d like to see more positive energy dedicated to building a better community as a whole.”

As the vacation ownership demand continues to grow in China, we expect to hear more about DAE China and their positive impact on the timeshare industry.

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DAE Timeshare Exchange Members Extremely Satisfied in 2013

DAE Timeshare Exchange Members Extremely Satisfied in 2013

images (3)DAE, the world’s largest independent timeshare exchange provider, shares that their members are exceptionally satisfied. With membership numbers at an all-time high, customer satisfaction is an integral part of DAE’s business and in 2013 they experienced much success. Through dedication and innovation, the timeshare exchange company is creating a reputation among the industry as a leader in customer care.

DAE (formerly Dial an Exchange) provides owners with the ability to exchange timeshare weeks through a network of one million timeshare owners. In 2013 the exchange company services 500,000 direct members, a 25% increase from 2012. DAE’s Co-founder and CEO Francis Taylor reported that customer satisfaction among members is extremely positive.

Taylor said, “Our members are the happiest and most engaged they have ever been with vacation exchange.”

Earlier this year, the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) stated in their Industry Impact Report that customer satisfaction with timeshare exchange has considerably increased in the last ten years. The report also stated that over 50% of timeshare vacations were through the exchange process.

“Similar findings have been conveyed from sources in other key timeshare markets, showing that owners across the globe are getting the most value out of their vacation ownership through exchange,” said Taylor.

“New sales of timeshare are continuing to increase as more people look to safeguard the future of their vacations. It’s the whole experience that timeshare offers to owners – they are valued and treated as family at their resort, not just the run of the mill hotel guest.

“At DAE we see exchange as the biggest selling point and overall value proposition of vacation ownership. It enhances the owner’s experience even further, allowing them to see the world at a fraction of the cost.

“As the sector has grown from strength to strength, the variety and availability of exchange destinations has greatly improved in the past decade, with DAE adding more to our exchange inventory portfolio every year.

“However we know from industry reports that the cause of most dissatisfaction among members with exchange comes from exchange fees and membership fees.

“That’s why DAE offers the industry’s only free membership with no annual fees, and maintains the lowest transaction fees possible – and our members enjoy higher satisfaction with their product.

“At DAE, we put our customers first, offering an undivided focus to customer service, a simple exchange platform and the best value for money model in the world.”

With DAE’s newly re-branded image and options for a free membership, we anticipate that the exchange company will continue to expand throughout 2014. We wish them luck and continued success in the New Year.