Continues Record Performance with Seventh Consecutive Quarter of $60M+ in Offers to Buy or Rent Timeshare, the world’s largest and most active online marketplace for timeshares for sale and for rent by owner, reports a record seventh quarter of increased offers and activity for its industry-leading resale and rental platform. In Q3 2022, the Company drove more than 1.1 million visits to its family of websites, resulting in nearly 13,000 offers—totaling more than $64 million—to buy or rent timeshares on [Read more…] Celebrates Continued Growth in Second Quarter Celebrates Continued Growth in Second Quarter, the industry leader in online timeshare resales and rentals, is celebrating another quarter of consistent growth in 2016. The company has released its 2016 Second Quarter Offer Report, which when combined with its 2016 First Quarter Offer Report, shows greater than a 15% increase in the value of confirmed purchase offers on for sale by owner advertisements during the first six months of the year. [Read more…]

Today Show Features Sell My Timeshare NOW and Timeshare Broker Services

Today Show Features Sell My Timeshare NOW and Timeshare Broker Services

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When Today Show reporter, Mark Potter, wanted to show the realities of timeshare real estate, one of his resources was Sell My Timeshare NOW and our partner company, Timeshare Broker Services. He looked at the challenges of reselling timeshare—challenges you may face if you own a timeshare condo or timeshare interval at a poorly managed resort, a resort with little demand, or an off season destination.

But the segment, which aired Monday, May 25, 2011, also looked at the industry’s upside—and what is particularly an upside for consumers. Now is a golden opportunity time to buy timeshare resales if you are looking for good deals on vacation ownership property.

As I pointed out in the interview, the devaluation of timeshare on the resale market is not such an issue for timeshares at branded hospitality providers, brands such as Disney Vacation Club, Marriott timeshare, Hyatt Vacation Club timeshare, Hilton timeshare, and some of the other leading destinations. Demand exists for timeshare resales when they are popular resorts, brands, and vacation venues. After all, why not buy these timeshares on the resale market and pay a competitive price? Especially now that there is timeshare financing available.

When You Really Want to Resell Timeshare

Whether you are selling a high-demand branded timeshare or a lesser-known property, give yourself every opportunity to get it sold. Select a timeshare resales service, either for by owner timeshare or through a timeshare broker that can demonstrate to you an astounding level of prospective buyers visiting their website and proven track record of offers to buy or rent timeshares.

Sell My Timeshare NOW Receives Growth Funding-Exciting Things on the Way

Sell My Timeshare NOW Receives Growth Funding-Exciting Things on the Way

Sell My Timeshare NOW has announced new business expansion being funded by $1.6 million in growth funding from partner Edison Venture Fund and existing investment partners. The company is moving forward with some exciting plans that include expansion of marketing and sales, new services, and enhanced customer support services. What was very, very good in timeshare resales and timeshare rental is about to be even better.

With over 2 million page views monthly, the websites for Sell My Timeshare NOW deliver 61,000 offers valued at $338 million for timeshare resales and 86,000 offers valued at $88 million for timeshare rentals to timeshare owners and developers.

Michael Kopelman, Principal of the Edison Venture Fund, hints at some of Sell My Timeshare NOW’s expansion plans, when he says, “The company is currently in negotiations with many of the timeshare industry’s most prominent brands.”

Sell My Timeshare NOW is appreciative of the strategic counsel and commitment of its investors and deeply appreciative of the ongoing customer support that continues to make this company one of the best places possible to buy, rent, or sell timeshare on the secondary market.

Follow this link to read the media release in entirety: Timeshare Resale Leader, Sell My Timeshare NOW, Receives Growth Funding of $1.6 Million