Timeshare Points Systems – How Do They Work?

Timeshare Points Systems – How Do They Work?

Timeshare points can be confusing when you first try to understand them. Each timeshare company runs their own unique point system and gives their timeshare points different values. One way for a company to distinguish itself from traditional timeshare real estate ownership is to call itself a vacation club. A vacation club will have their own individual club points that can be used similar to currency.

Timeshare points offer a way for you to accumulate ‘currency’ from year to year, allowing you the spending power to vacation at larger timeshares or more desirable locations than the timeshare you originally purchased. In many cases, timeshare points can also be used to purchase other travel services, such as airline tickets or cruises. It all depends on your timeshare company, and their options and restrictions on timeshare points.

Some timeshare owners are surprised to learn that timeshare points also can be sold. Yes, you can resell timeshare points in much the same way you sell deeded or right to use timeshares. And timeshare points don’t always come from a timeshare developer. Your timeshare exchange company can issue timeshare points as well. If the flexibility of owning timeshare points appeals to you, look into owning RCI Multi-destination timeshare points, purchased in the resale marketplace.

Options for Timeshare Owners When Civil Unrest Threatens Timeshare Vacations

Options for Timeshare Owners When Civil Unrest Threatens Timeshare Vacations

These days, when every evening’s nightly news seems to always bring us new warnings of unrest, terrorism, and political disruption around the world, you might think people who buy timeshare abroad risk being stuck with timeshare condos or condo resales that they cannot use and cannot rent or sell – but that is generally not the case.

First, as a timeshare owner, you may have the option to bank your timeshare weeks for future use, or to turn them over to a timeshare exchange. Many timeshare exchange programs do not require your timeshare weeks to be picked up by someone else in order for you to enjoy a timeshare vacation at a different resort.

The next thing to remember is that many times, while it may not be safe for people of your particular nationality to travel to a foreign country, people who live in that country may be able to travel freely and vacation without incident. Although this is not currently the case in Kenya, as I wrote about in yesterday’s Timeshare Owners Blog, when this does apply, you may want to use your timeshare weeks as a timeshare rental. To successfully rent timeshare to people from other countries you must advertise and market it through a timeshare company like Sell My Timeshare NOW that has a global marketplace and the expertise to bring timeshare rentals to the attention of interested renters or even buyers around the world.

The problems in one part of a country do not always affect vacationing and timeshare resorts in other areas of the same country. Don’t immediately assume that an entire region or country is dangerous just because you hear about one incident, in one location. In fact, isolated events in one part of a country can sometimes have an upside for travelers in other areas, making tourist dollars especially appreciated in an area where other parts of the country have recently received bad publicity. Attractions, restaurants, and other tourist areas are less crowded and sometimes offer discounted prices in efforts to attract business once again.

Kenya Timeshare Resales, In the Future

I am not in any way making light of recent tragic events in Kenya or any other part of the world that has suffered adversity. But I am suggesting that if you own timeshare weeks in a locale that has experienced problems, whether it is weather-related, incidences of terrorism, or other types of crime or civil unrest, don’t immediately assume that all is lost for utilizing your timeshare unit or timeshare weeks. You have options and Sell My Timeshare NOW can help you assess those options and make the choice that is right for you.

Here’s a You-Tube video that reminds us of the natural beauty of Kenya.