DAE Group Timeshare Exchange Continues to Make News with Growth and Expansion

DAE Group Timeshare Exchange Continues to Make News with Growth and Expansion

James Mulvaney, DAE Timeshare Exchange
James Mulvaney, new Chief Information Officer for DAE Timeshare Exchange

Which timeshare exchange and vacation services company is in the news most often? These days, it seems to be Dial An Exchange, the DAE Group. This week the company announced the appointment of James Mulvaney as the new Chief Information Officer for DAE.

DAE Group CEO, Francis Taylor, speaks to Mulvaney’s appointment, saying, “We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable, passionate professional with 25 years in the IT industry join our team as we move into new markets and expand our capabilities. We are delighted to welcome James Mulvaney as the Chief Information Officer for the DAE.”

Describing James Mulvaney’s new role as both strategic and operational, Taylor adds that Mulvaney will focus on “practical innovation to position DAE as a global leader in information systems.”

James Mulvaney has extensive experience in strategic communications that reaches across several industries, including vacation ownership and timeshare. Mulvaney says, “I am very excited to become a permanent fixture in the timeshare industry and to work with one of the leading organizations in the market. My role will be to develop a professional, efficient, and communicative department, centered around Information Services (IS), rather than physical technology.

Elaborating, Mulvaney explains, “Primarily my team will deliver business aligned information services and contemporary solutions to benefit DAE internally, as well as improving the user experience for industry partners and members.

“This will involve assessing and removing constraints associated with traditional technology, while simultaneously establishing new systems that enable DAE’s business growth.

“Cloud Computing, particularly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will become the key component of Information Services Delivery, and ultimately play a core role in DAE’s global expansion strategies.

“My goal is to develop DAE’s IS department as a “Centre of Excellence” that leads by example to DAE and the wider industry, and, most importantly, helps it continue as a fun and attractive organization to work with.”

Dynamic growth and advancement has been the best way to describe all that is happening at DAE recently. And with the new appointment of James Mulvaney, it looks as if the exciting developments and changes are only going to continue.


What Is Up With Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Vacation Exchange?

What Is Up With Dial An Exchange Timeshare and Vacation Exchange?

What timeshare exchange company is in the news more than Dial An Exchange ? It’s not as if the company is new on the scene. Dial An Exchange has been part of the timeshare and vacation exchange industry since 1977, starting out with a few vacation units in Waikiki. Dial An Exchange, it seems, uses a two-ingredient recipe that is turning out a very satisfying timeshare and vacation exchange product for the consumers, the resorts, and the homeowners associations (HOAs) with which it works.

Over the years, Dial An Exchange has grown and expanded its offerings and services. Now servicing over one million timeshare owners, including some 450,000 direct members, Dial An Exchange works with thousands of resorts worldwide. But what makes Dial An Exchange so distinctive in the vacation exchange services it provides?

First, Dial An Exchange does not utilize the typical affiliation model for timeshare exchange. Ingredient One of the Dial An Exchange success recipe is the fact that consumers can take advantage of the DAE timeshare exchange without being a paying member. Offering a free membership level, DAE permits members to exchange timeshare, paying only an exchange fee upon confirmation. Members can deposit their weeks and then have up to three years to make their exchange.

Vacation Exchange Online … Where Consumers Want It

Recognizing that online is where travel plans and accommodations are made, Dial An Exchange makes it easy for vacationers to browse live resort availability online at any time and to execute their entire vacation exchange online, even putting resort weeks ‘on hold’ while they make their final decisions and plans. Among many other benefits offered is the option for owners to buy bonus weeks at reduced prices made available exclusively to owners.

And the second ingredient in the Dial An Exchange success story is superior customer service, whether that service is rendered to members, homeowners associations or affiliated resorts. With eleven worldwide offices, DAE is focused on having a responsive presence in all parts of the globe. And when you realize that 50 percent of the company’s membership growth is member referral, you know you are talking client care services that really work.

Susan Friedline, Director, Business Development for Dial An Exchange, says, “It’s great to hear excellent feedback from our members, and when a resort wants to add value to their ownership, we’re a great solution. As our industry matures, it is becoming more critical to add choice, innovative solutions and personalized service to satisfy the changing needs of today’s vacation owners. We are dedicated to fulfilling these needs by creating new services and products to resolve industry challenges.”

The result: DAE is now the world’s largest privately owned timeshare and vacation exchange provider.

Recent news from Dial An Exchange on The Timeshare Authority blog:


Interval Adds Residence Waterfront to its Network of Vacation Exchange Resorts

Interval Adds Residence Waterfront to its Network of Vacation Exchange Resorts

Residence Waterfront joins Interval International network of vacation exchange resorts.
Residence Waterfront joins Interval network of vacation exchange resorts.

The upscale condo-hotel, Residence Waterfront, located in Alagoas, Brazil, has now become another vacation exchange option for members of Interval International. A very special property from its inception, Residence Waterfront is situated overlooking the ocean near Maceió.

To make the vacation experience even more amazing is the fact that this purpose-built property includes a white sand, private beach for guests. Phase I on Residence waterfront offers 20 one- or two-bedroom units and six penthouse units, that feature covered roof terraces and dramatic views of Ipioca Beach.

“Maceió is such a sweet spot on the coast of Brazil that we have already begun expanding Residence Waterfront. The 20 one-bedroom apartments in the second phase will sit just behind the current building, still only 65 feet (20 meters) from the white sand,” said Gian Piero Berneri, managing director of Havengrid do Brasil Ltda., developers of the resort. “Our partnership with Interval International is an important aspect of our vision for Waterfront and we look forward to welcoming its members who visit on exchanges.”

Marcos Agostini, the Interval International senior vice president of resort sales and business development for Latin America, adds,“Waterfront is the brainchild of several Italian real estate and tourism professionals, who are extending their successful operations into shared ownership. We are delighted to add this impressive resort to our worldwide network.”

… No doubt Interval International timeshare exchange members are delighted the beautiful beachfront property is part of the Interval network of vacation exchange, too.

Dial An Exchange Says Aloha to Royal Aloha Vacation Club Members

Dial An Exchange Says Aloha to Royal Aloha Vacation Club Members

Dial An Exchange Says Aloha to Royal Aloha Vacation Club Members
Dial An Exchange Says Aloha to Royal Aloha Vacation Club Members

Honolulu, Hawaii based Royal Aloha Vacation Club has selected Dial An Exchange (DAE) to provide new vacation exchange benefits for the 9,000-plus members of the vacation club. Recognized as the largest independently owned vacation exchange company in the world, Dial An Exchange timeshare exchange has become a favorite timeshare and vacation services resource for homeowners’ associations, management companies and timeshare resales companies.

RAVC HOA President Dave DiBernardino says, ““Our relationship with DAE is very exciting because it enables us to continue to provide high standards of excellence our members have come to expect while at the same time seeking new opportunities to enhance their vacation exchange options.”

DiBernardino adds, “After hearing high praise from our members already using DAE to service their exchanges, it seemed natural to jump on the DAE bandwagon. Now we can let all of our members know there is a choice out there in exchange services for our new and long-time owners.”

Royal Aloha Vacation Club is one of the oldest independent timeshare clubs in the US, was the first vacation club to register in Hawaii. The Royal Aloha Vacation Club is member owned and managed. Today, the Hawaii vacation club offers vacation and timeshare units in Kona and Maui, Hawaii; Otter Creek, Oregon; Neuva Andalucia, Spain; Branson, Missouri; Chandler, Arizona; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; and Acapulco, Mexico.

Royal Aloha Vacation Club resales are available at all of these locations including Royal Aloha  Multi-Destination vacation club resales.