Dial An Exchange Timeshare Continues Expansion

Dial An Exchange Timeshare Expanding
Dial An Exchange Timeshare Expanding Member Exchange Options

Dial An Exchange (DAE), already recognized as the world’s largest privately owned resource for an owner to exchange timeshare, continues its growth and expansion with new properties in Europe. Dial An Exchange, managing director Europe, Oliver Green says, “Over the past few months we have signed numerous participation agreements with resorts all over Europe. From the traditional hot spots to the more up and coming destinations, we’re offering ever greater holiday opportunities. Whether it be beach holidays, hiking or thermal baths, we’re able to provide it all.”

Adding to the opportunities to exchange timeshare by its members, Dial An Exchange has sourced many new locations including Venice and Sicily in Italy and Lesbos in Greece.

Green goes on to explain, “These participation agreements are great news for Dial An Exchange members as it means their holiday options are ever widening. But it’s also good for the resorts as they gain access to a growing Dial An Exchange membership. Meanwhile shared ownership in general will benefit from having thriving resorts with owners able to enjoy the added value of a low cost and transparent exchange proposition.”

Among the many great benefits offered by Dial An Exchange are its diversity of resort locations and options and its free membership tier. A popular way to exchange timeshare, Dial An Exchange also offers 24/7 availability and booking online; no upfront fees, and a low exchange fee payable only upon booking confirmation.

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