Orange Lake Timeshare’s Alliance with Holiday Inn Timeshares is Good for the Economy in Many Ways

The early success realized by Orange Lake timeshare now under the brand umbrella of Holiday Inn Vacation Club timeshare is creating positive results beyond the timeshare industry.

In Four Corners, Florida, Orange Lake timeshare is a major employer. And while Four Corners may not be an area that is familiar to you, urban planners recognize Four Corners (just south and west of Orlando and the popular Kissimmee/ St. Cloud vacation area) as one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida.

Russ Manion, vice president of regional operations for Orange Lake timeshare says, “The economy is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.” And considering that the company, under Holiday Inn’s new timeshare resort brand Holiday Inn Vacation Club, is growing and thriving, timeshare is giving the economy in Four Corners a real boost.

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In an article that appeared in The Reporter, Manion was quoted as saying, “We like to brag a little bit … Despite the economy, our alliance with Holiday Inn hotels has brought on 40 million members to the club brand.”

The benefit of new timeshare owner members is exactly the reason Orange Lake timeshare is growing, buying new timeshare resorts, and expanding its offerings in timeshare exchange. It’s also the reason the timeshare company is a favorite employer in Four Corners, Florida.

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