Can You Hear a Sanibel Island Timeshare Calling You?

If the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida aren’t calling to you these days, then perhaps it is only because your life is too caught up in the daily grind to hear the soft sounds of waves on the shore and wind in the palms. No matter what the weather where you are, a Sanibel Island timeshare is calling you.

Recently, Arthur Frommer announced that Sanibel Island, Florida is his favorite vacation destination in all the world. And we have to agree, whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a family reunion, there are few more beautiful and relaxing destinations on earth than a Sanibel Island timeshare.

The following article about Sanibel Island appeared in the vacation owners news letter for Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel. We are very appreciative to them for permitting us to share it with you.

We think that as you read this article you may begin to hear that relaxing sound– it’s the waves, the gulls, balmy breeze. And it might be worth planning a Sanibel Island timeshare vacation and bringing home a few seashells, just so any time you wanted to, you hold one of those shells up to your ear and, for a moment, recapture the magic.

Sanibel Stoop Shellers Seek Record

Shell seeking is so revered on shell-laden Sanibel Island, there’s a socially correct posture for carrying it out. It’s called the Sanibel Stoop. While the angles may vary, the body is generally bent from the waist to retrieve shell treasures with the posterior up in the air.

In promoting this year’s 75th anniversary of the Sanibel Shell Show & Fair (the longest running event of its kind in the country), the Sanibel Community Association enlisted participants in a competition to beat the Guinness World Record for group shelling. To break the “largest treasure hunt” record set by 250 schoolchildren in Bucharest, Romania, over 251 participants were needed. But once the word was out and tee shirts promised to the first 500 attendees, over 800 showed up!

The group-stoop enlisted islanders and visitors for a short “treasure hunt” at Bowman’s Beach on Feb 17, followed by an aerial photo of the shell-bent crowd to secure aerial evidence with images of hovering hineys reaching to the sky. The photos and participant registrations have been submitted to Guinness World Record for consideration with a response expected in about two months.

Shell-mania has run wild on Sanibel since the early 1900s, when guests at Casa Ybel Resort and The Matthews (now the Island Inn) engaged in friendly competition. Long considered one of the most spectacular shelling beaches in the world, the island’s shallow water shoreline and occasional storms and cold fronts trigger prolongs winds that push shells onto the beach. Sanibel’s curved “upside-down boomerang shape” and west-to-east orientation also helps to act like a trap for the 300-350 shallow water shell species that can be found here.

By the way, the Sanibel Library offers more than 350 shell-related books for your reading and research convenience.

Sanibel Ranked #1 In World by Frommer

Arthur Frommer has ranked Sanibel Island as his #1 favorite travel destination in the world – beating places like Bali and Paris (ranked #2 and #3)!!! The travel guru is the mastermind behind Frommer’s guidebooks and budget travel magazine.

Sanibel has won much recognition over the years, but being the personal favorite of such a renowned travel expert is high praise. Frommer calls Sanibel an “idyllic haven of white-sand beaches, condos whose sea-front apartments are available for weekly rentals, excellent restaurants, good shopping.” He then singles out for special praise, J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, “visited by thousands of birds of every species, who bask in the sun after diving for fish and are one of the great natural sights of wildlife in America.”

We love Sanibel, not only for the reasons Arthur Frommer lists.


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Photo credit: Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau