Vacation Ownership That Doesn’t Own You

Vacation Ownership That Doesn’t Own You

Vacation Ownership means different things depending on who you ask. There’s the kind of vacation ownership that involves sole possession of a beach house, mountain cabin, or other holiday getaway property. When you first buy that vacation retreat, it may seem like the best idea you ever had. You pack up the kids and the dog and head for your “second home” as often as you can. But after a short while, things begin to change.

Your kids realize they don’t like being away from home so often. They want to stick around on weekends and hang out with their friends. Even your spouse starts making excuses for why the family shouldn’t make the drive to the vacation house next weekend.

Still, you aren’t concerned; you planned ahead to use your vacation home as a rental when you aren’t enjoying it yourself. Yet, there’s the hassle of scheduling and confirming the renters. Soon you are looking for a management agent to handle these responsibilities for you, along with that of finding a plumber, repair service, pest control, and endless number of other tasks that befall homeowners. That vacation home you dreamed of owning starts to own you, (rather than you owning it) as the costs and responsibilities mount, outweighing the pleasure you are deriving from it.

Making Vacation Ownership Work for You  

But there is another side to vacation ownership and a brighter picture that is a better fit for millions of vacationers.

The opportunities of vacation ownership through timeshares, especially affordably priced timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, enable you to own vacation property in a way that is customized to your budget and your vacation style.

Timeshares, purchased as deeded ownership or as vacation club points, allow you to pay for only the days and nights of vacation you expect to typically be using each year. Rather than the cost of owning a vacation home 365 days a year, timeshare vacation ownership lets you pay for and “own” the weeks you actually anticipate using your timeshare, typically one, two, or three weeks of vacationing. The cost for maintaining that vacation home the rest of the year is a responsibility you don’t have to bear.

Instead of owning the headaches of a second property; you have taken ownership in a vacation lifestyle. You have made a commitment to your family and yourself to enjoy the vacations that you need, deserve, and have earned. Timeshare means taking ownership in vacationing without letting the costs and responsibilities of a vacation home take ownership of you.