Timeshare Resorts Getting Greener and Greener

This week, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) acknowledged the important efforts of many of its member timeshare resorts and timeshare industry brands that  make the world a little cleaner and greener. How the different timeshare resorts accomplish their goals for being environmentally friendly varies, but the willingness to step up and act responsibly does not.

Here’s a closer look at what some of the timeshare resorts and branded hospitality providers you know and love are doing.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort

Orange Lake Resort, the flagship property of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare resorts, has recently launched a massive, resort-wide recycling program. This recycling effort takes in the full scope of the resort property’s 1,450-acres and 2,478 timeshare units.

The Orange Lake Resort timeshare project is based on a test project that Holiday Inn Club Vacations piloted in one area of the resort in 2011. The project is not complicated, which probably contributes greatly to its success.

Each timeshare villa is stocked with green bags where guests can place plastic, metal, paper, or glass to be recycled. Since it was implemented, the Orange Lake Resort has already saved 208 cubic yards of landfill space per quarter. Alongside this program, the resort has implemented other efforts which have saved 258,576 kW-hours of electricity; 357,000 gallons of water; and 1,224 gallons of gasoline per quarter.

Interval International Singapore

On Tanah Merah Beach, located on Singapore’s East Coast, Interval International’s Singapore staff recently participated in the 21st International Coastal Cleanup Day. Although the temperatures were extreme, the Interval International team hung in there, gathering more than 600 pounds of discarded items, resulting in a one-mile stretch of beach being cleared.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual event conducted in over 70 countries. The effort is sponsored and coordinated by The Ocean Conservancy, a US-based non-profit organization.

Many More Timeshare Resorts are Involved

The magnificent work being done by Holiday Inn Cub Vacations Orange Lake Resort and by Interval International Singapore is a small but critical part of the contribution to environmental restoration and preservation in which timeshare resorts worldwide are participating.

Later this week, The Timeshare Authority blog will look at other environmentally responsible actions that are being facilitated at other popular timeshare resorts.