Occidental Vacation Club Features New Wine Tour Excursion

Occidental Vacation Club Features New Wine Tour Excursion

Wine CountryThe vacation ownership group, Occidental Vacation Club, is now offering a unique travel option to visit California’s wine country. Their Wine Tour vacation will offer the trip of a lifetime for a select number of guests from April 27th – May 2nd 2014. Each trip will consist of a 6-day, 5-night excursion which will include breakfast and lunch, complete with wine pairings.

President of Occidental Vacation Club, Luis Namnum says, “Do you want stay home and watch TV or learn why couples who drink wine together last longer? You can find out the answer on during our custom made, personal excursion to California’s Wine Country, […] We believe many of our members will jump at the opportunity to spend some warm spring days exploring San Francisco and the vineyards of what is regarded as the U.S. premiere wine region.”

In addition to the tour of the wine country, this trip also includes a day in San Francisco. This section of the excursion includes a tour of all the popular attractions including Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge.

After sightseeing, guests will sleep at the FountainGrove Inn of Sonoma County and the The White Oak Vineyard and Winery.

The central focus of the tour is the education and enjoyment of wine. Sommeliers and various experts will host informative gatherings to educate the travelers and of course, drink wine! Tastings will be provided throughout the tour, including pairings with meals.

Luis Namnum shares, “I’ve always believed in the value of enjoying a fine bottle of wine–or two–with friends and loved ones. The primary thought behind the tour is to offer our members an opportunity to do something spectacular with a few select like-minded members. Because of our many connections and alliances in the travel industry we are able to offer this perfect vacation value to our members at a substantial discount of $1200 USD! We’ve taken care of everything, adding more meaning to the label ‘inclusive vacation ownership’.

“Members who already enjoy the all-inclusive options at Occidental Vacation Club know the kind of over-the-top warmth and hospitality we provide, no matter if it’s a stay at one of our wonderful Caribbean vacation properties, an exclusive Yacht Club Membership or a tour of Chichen Itza. The Route of Wine is all about incorporating that inclusive vacation feeling in a whole new environment.”

Namnum concludes, “We at Occidental are continually looking for various ways to provide more value for our members, and one way we do this is by giving them more experiential choices. We are known for outstanding level of service, and with our exclusive wine tour Occidental’s members can expect the same.”

To learn more about the 2014 Occidental Vacation Club Wine Tour, visit www.occidentalvacation.com or www.sharethejoy.occidentalvacationclub.com.

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index is Available Now

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index is Available Now

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) is available now.
The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) is available now.

Yesterday we released the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) of the most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals based on the number of offers made through our company’s websites to either buy or rent these timeshares. The Timeshare Demand Index covers a one-year period and only looks at the number of offers made on each resort. When consumers place offers (bids) on timeshare resort properties–either intervals, points, or vacation club memberships–they are establishing the true market value of shared ownership.

Just as importantly, the offers made by buyers and renters of timeshare devastate the myth that there is no demand for timeshare resales. Our first company, Sell My Timeshare NOW, is coming up on 10 years in successful business– a decade! If there truly was no market for timeshare resales and rentals, what could we possibly have been selling for ten full years of business?

The Timeshare Demand Index offers interesting insights on the vacation ownership industry. Current owners can see how their timeshares rank in terms of consumer demand. Also, the TDI gives prospective timeshare owners and renters insights into which properties other families and couples see as desirable, and perhaps even offers insights into how strong the resale demand will be for a property they buy now, should they wish to sell it in the future.

Everyone is encouraged to view and download the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index.   You’ll find the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index here: www.sellmytimesharenow.com/media/pdf/timeshare-demand-index-2013.pdf. You’ll find one Disney Vacation Club timeshare in the top ten most in-demand timeshares, and three other Disney timeshares within the top thirty.

Only one California timeshare, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas made the top ten list, and remarkably, there were no Las Vegas timeshares in the top ten, although Elara, a Hilton Gran Vacations Hotel, Center Strip did  rank as number 12 on the list.

And what about the bottom of the list? What does it mean if a timeshare resort ranks number 100 on the TDI? Does it mean you shouldn’t buy timeshare at that resort?

Not at all.

Even the 100th resort on the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index is a buzzing property, with more than 200 offers to buy or rent timeshare at that resort facilitated through our company last year.

Disney Vacation Club Releases 2013 and 2014 Grand Floridian Resort Points Charts

Disney Vacation Club Releases 2013 and 2014 Grand Floridian Resort Points Charts

Bay Lake Tower Disney Vacation Club
Bay Lake Tower Disney Vacation Club

Recently, the Disney Vacation Club released its updated 2013 and 2014 points charts for the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

The Grand Floridian lives up to its promise of old Florida-style grandeur, spacious accommodations, and magical charm. Disney Vacation Club apparently has factored all this charm into the numbers as DVC timeshare points values at the Grand Floridian are among the highest of the Walt Disney World based resorts.

By comparison, nightly point costs at the Grand Floridian run some 30 to 40 percent higher than at Bay Lake Tower, even the rooms at Bay Lake Tower that offer the spectacular views of the Disney Magic Kingdom park and its nightly fireworks.

Let’s look at an example of how Grand Floridian Resort points compare to the Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Comparing a two-bedroom DVC Villa during “Magic Season” (for 2013, that is February 16 through March 23; April 7-30; Jun 11-August 15; and November 27-29) for a Standard View on a weekday, Bay Lake Tower requires 48 points, while the Grand Floridian villas require 64 points. For a Lake View the comparison (weekday) is Bay Lake Tower at 52 points while the Grand Floridian is 74 points and for a Theme Park View the difference is 64 points (weekday) at Bay Lake Tower and 74 DVC points for the Grand Floridian.

One helpful resource for finding out more is DVCnews.com. For opportunities to buy Disney Vacation Club points at resale prices go to Disney timeshare.

Wishing you a safe, happy, Memorial Day Weekend, from Sell My Timeshare NOW and VacationOwnership.com.

Buying Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Buying Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Explore Belles Castle during your Disney Vacation Club Getaway
Explore Belle’s Castle during your Disney Vacation Club Getaway

No doubt about it, Disney Vacation Club (Disney timeshare) is one of the most popular vacation ownership options available today. From the charming, magical accommodations, to their spaciousness, to the fact that staying in a Disney timeshare positions vacationers right in the middle of all the theme park fun, Disney Vacation Club resorts remain one of the favorite destinations for family vacations, reunions, honeymoons, and couples getaways.

However, just because you want to own timeshare at your favorite Disney Vacation Club resort, doesn’t necessarily mean you can. Currently, the only Disney Vacation Club Resorts with real estate interests available for purchase through Disney Vacation Club are:

  • Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaii.
  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Orlando, Florida.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Orlando, Florida.

Yet you don’t have to worry if you have your heart set on being a Disney Vacation Club owner whose home resort is one that is no longer available through DVC. You can buy a timeshare ownership at Disney Vacation Club as a timeshare resale, where home resort membership at many other Disney timeshare resorts IS available. Not only do you have the option to make your home resort at one of the properties that is no longer available directly through Disney Vacation Club, but you’ll be buying your Disney timeshare resale at a much lower price than if you were buying directly through DVC.

How are Disney Timeshare Resales Different from Timeshare Bought through Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club resales and Disney timeshare purchased through DVC really only differ in two ways. The first difference is that owners of Disney Vacation Club resales are excluded from use of the following collections of the Member Getaways Program: Adventurer, Concierge, or Disney. And even this rule applies only  to vacationers who became owners after March 21, 2011. In other words, owners of Disney Vacation Club timeshare resales, who purchased their timeshare ownership after March 21, 2011, may use the World Passport Collection in the Member Getaways Program, but not the Adventurer, Concierge, or Disney programs.

Oh yes, and the second difference between buying Disney timeshare as a resale and buying Disney timeshare directly from the Disney Vacation Club? Resale buyers spend a lot less money to become owners than those who did not take advantage of Disney timeshare resale pricing.

Follow this link for one of the most comprehensive resources available on Disney Timeshare Resales.