New Golf Academy is Another Reason to Love Marriott Timeshare

New Golf Academy is Another Reason to Love Marriott Timeshare


Great golf at Marriott timeshares
Great golf at Marriott timeshare

Two Marriott timeshare resorts, part of Marriott Vacation Club, have announced new options for golf instruction. Both Marriott’s Grande Vista resort, an Orlando, Florida timeshare, and Marriott’s Shadow Ridge resort, a Palm Desert, California timeshare are now home to the new Marriott Golf Academy.

Formerly know as the Faldo Golf Institute, the two new homes for Marriott Golf Instruction are debuting with special introductory pricing and packages for 2- and 3-day golf schools and 3-hour sessions. The introductory pricing is good starting May 1 through September 30, 2013, which means if you are planning a summer timeshare vacation at Marriott’s Grande Vista timeshare or Marriott’s Shadow Ridge timeshare, then you’ll be staying at the perfect place to enjoy both great golf and great golf instruction.

But golf instruction at the new Marriott Golf Academy is not limited to guests and owners of Marriott timeshare. You could work some valuable one-on-one or golf school time into your Orlando or Palm Desert vacation, even if you are vacationing at another timeshare or resort and still take advantage of the reduced introductory pricing.

When it comes to golf instruction, Marriott Golf Academy offers instructional programs for beginners to advanced golfers. Golfers can choose 2- and 3-day golf schools; 3-hour full swing & short game sessions; private lessons; on-course instruction; corporate programs; junior programs;  and a selection of programs and services from the Club Fitter’s Workshop.

Beautiful Marriott Timeshare Resorts

Not only are Marriott’s Grande Vista resort and Marriott’s Shadow Ridge resort located in the popular vacation destinations of Orlando, FL and Palm Desert, CA respectively, but they are each uniquely beautiful resorts. Offering spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom golf villas, these are resorts vacationers love, even if golf’s not their thing.

5 Lessons to Learn Before Your Disney Timeshare Vacation

5 Lessons to Learn Before Your Disney Timeshare Vacation

Bay Lake Tower Disney Timeshare
Bay Lake Tower Disney Timeshare, one of the many great choices for DVC timeshare owners

The Disney theme parks provide some of the most magical vacations you and your family can enjoy. And nothing makes them easier to experience than owning Disney timeshare as a member of the Disney Vacations Club. You are always vacationing in spacious and charming surroundings and you are always at the most convenient location possible for enjoying your time in the Disney parks. There are even special perks for guests and Disney timeshare owners staying at a Disney resort, in the form of “Extra Magic Hours” when the Disney parks are open just for you. (See: Disney calendars for more information on when you can enjoy extended hours in the parks.)

  1. Consider throwing your cell phone charger or a portable battery charger in your purse or backpack; and at the very least start days in the theme parks with a fully charged phone battery. Your cell phone or smart device is your go-to for taking lots of photos; using special park apps to stay on top of show times and other park information; and your way of connecting with members of your party should you be separated.
  2. Of all the items you photograph, start first with your children. Snap a shot of your little ones as you enter the theme park. Should your children be separated from you, you’ll find it easy to show the Disney staff what your child looks like and what he or she is wearing.
  3. Zip closure plastic bags can be all you need to ensure that items in your pockets or bags, such as wallets, tickets, cameras, or phones stay dry during rides that involve splashes and the potential to get wet. Just because you didn’t get drenched on a ride the last time you visited a Disney park, doesn’t mean this won’t be your “lucky day.”
  4. Don’t show up in heels, flip-flops, or other shoes not designed for lots of walking. Backless shoes can all too easily be lost on some of the best park rides, such as Epcot’s Soarin’.
  5. And lastly, remember that one of the reasons you bought a Disney timeshare was so that you and your family don’t have to “do it all at once.” Take breaks and return to your timeshare during the day. Grab lunch, a nap, or even a fresh pair of shoes and reorganize yourself for your next park jaunt. When you own your own little piece of Disney, you can pace yourself and enjoy it leisurely, knowing there is magic to be savored for years to come.

Want to learn more about Disney timeshare vacations? Follow this link to learn more about the Disney timeshare resorts.


FL, CA, and Hawaii Timeshares, the 1-2-3 of Vacation Ownership

FL, CA, and Hawaii Timeshares, the 1-2-3 of Vacation Ownership

FL, CA, and Hawaii Timeshares, the 1-2-3 of Vacation Ownership
FL, CA, and Hawaii Timeshares, the 1-2-3 of Vacation Ownership

Florida timeshare, with more timeshare resorts and more timeshare units than anywhere else in the world, continues to rank number one in timeshare vacation ownership. Despite the fact that a recently released study shows the southeastern United States and the Caribbean as the most desired locations to buy a timeshare, California timeshares take the number two spot in popularity, and Hawaii ranks third in vacation ownership in the US.

A study by timeshare vacation exchange leader, RCI, a part of Wyndham Worldwide, shows that satisfaction among owners is strong, and the outlook for the timeshare and vacation ownership industries is positive. This information is consistent with previous research by the American Resort Development Association that showed:

  • Fewer timeshare owners feel their vacation ownership is being impacted by the economy.
  • And more and more timeshare owners feel that they will be planning to keep their timeshare ownership and continue to enjoy it in the future. 

Phil Brojan, senior vice president of marketing, RCI explained, “As the world’s largest vacation exchange network with more than 3.7 million members, RCI has its finger on the pulse of today’s owner and is in a unique position to share valuable insights with the rest of the industry.

“Our latest research shows that consumers are happy with the ownership experience, and the flexibility and choice they receive through vacation exchange programs play a big part in that.”

Whether you are considering timeshare ownership in Florida, California, a Hawaii timeshare, or any of the other desirable vacation locations across the US and around the world, it seems that timeshare ownership is a viable option that works well for millions of satisfied owners.


California Timeshare, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Part of Sister Cities Celebration

California Timeshare, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Part of Sister Cities Celebration

California timeshare, the Carlsbad Beach Resort Inn, hosted Japanese guests as part of Sister City Celebration.
California timeshare, the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, hosted Japanese guests as part of Sister City Celebration.

As Futtsu, Japan and Carlsbad, CA celebrate their 25th Anniversary as Sister Cities, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort stepped up to play an important role. The Carlsbad, California timeshare resort served as host property to four students and three chaperons from Futtsu, who were in Carlsbad as part of the celebration.

Randy Chapin, General Manager of the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort California timeshare explains, “We are proud to be the first stop for these enthusiastic young people. We are pleased to represent our community in this important effort to build relationships worldwide. In fact, we will also shortly play host to our other sister city’s Lord Mayor. Carlsbad was named after Karloby Vary in the Czech Republic and its leadership will be our guests when they come here.”

The classic Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort is a Grand Pacific Resort Management property. Other timeshare resorts and hotels managed by Grand Pacific Resort Management (GPRM) include:

  1. Hanalei Bay Resort and Ali’i Kai Resort in Hawaii.
  2. Banff Gate Mountain Resort in Alberta, Canada and Panorama Vacation Retreat at Horsethief Lodge in British Columbia, Canada.
  3. Hilton Grand Vacations Club at MarBrisa, Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Carlsbad Seapointe Resort, Coronado Beach Resort, San Clemente Cove Resort, Southern California Beach Club, Villa L’Auberge (Del Mar, CA), Indian Palms Vacation Club, Indio, CA and Channel Island Shores (Ventura County), all are Southern California timeshare resorts.
  4. Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge (Lake Tahoe), Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw Valley, RiverPointe at Napa Valley, and Mountain Retreat in Arnold; all of which are in Northern California.