Forget Flowers and Chocolate. Give a Timeshare Resort Vacation

Forget Flowers and Chocolate. Give a Timeshare Resort Vacation

Give a timeshare resort vacation for Valentines Day
Instead of candy, give a timeshare resort vacation this year for Valentine’s Day

Consumers will spend $1.6 billion on chocolates and candy for Valentines Day 2013. But what if you could do so much better than chocolates or conversation hearts? What if you planned a timeshare resort vacation and gave your beloved a beach in the Bahamas, the glitter of Broadway or the Vegas Strip, a moonlight stroll in the Caribbean, time by the pool at a sunny Florida resort, or an evening in front of the fire at a cozy ski lodge?

All of these options are easy to plan and surprisingly affordable when you choose a timeshare resale or timeshare rental for your next romantic getaway. And while couples rarely reminisce about a box of chocolates, the beautiful memories of a vacation at a Florida timeshare, a Bahamas vacation ownership resort, or other Caribbean timeshare beach property can last a lifetime.

Timeshare resales are vacation resort timeshares that you purchase from the current owner. You can buy timeshare resales directly from the person or family that owns the timeshare or you can choose to work with a licensed timeshare real estate broker who specializes in vacation ownership and will “broker” the timeshare sale for you, still making it possible to take advantage of the great prices in by-owner timeshares.

When you buy a timeshare, you may be purchasing deeded ownership that represents your fraction of ownership; you may be buying a right-to-use timeshare; or you might be purchasing someone else’s timeshare points. Choosing to buy a timeshare also means that the romantic vacation you enjoy this year is only the beginning of years of vacation fun that you and your spouse or partner, your children, and even your grandchildren and your friends can enjoy.

With so many opportunities in timeshare ski resorts, Las Vegas vacation ownership, and thousands of other popular travel destinations, it is easy for you make a commitment to vacationing better, vacationing more, and enjoying your leisure time the way you’ve always wanted to vacation.

… Besides, timeshares are zero calories and fat free, something you just can’t say about that box of Valentine candy. 

Caribbean Timeshare and the Beauty of the Bahamas

Caribbean Timeshare and the Beauty of the Bahamas

Sometimes we run across something so beautiful,  there’s really very little words can add. This is the case with this video that explores the magnificent blues — skies and water — of the Bahamas. Did you know that some of the most desirable vacation properties in the world are Caribbean timeshare resorts?

According to the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism, vacationers to the Bahamas are expected to increase by 5 to 6 percent in 2013 over the number of vacationers there in 2012. Gary Young, the Ministry of Tourism’s senior director of research and statistics, explains, “Things are looking better in the US economy, so that’s a good sign. The numbers are looking strong.”

This year the Bahamas are projected to attract nearly nearly 6.15 million tourists. We think, after you watch this video, you’ll find it nearly impossible to resist planning your own Caribbean timeshare holiday getaway. Which means you’ll be among the happy vacationers headed for the blues of the Bahamas, enjoying the simple pleasures of sand between your toes, no schedule, just sunshine and island time.

  • We would like to thank Mark Wood, President MLW Resort Properties, for sharing this video with us, so that we can share it with you.

And if we can help you discover the beauty of the Bahamas firsthand through a Caribbean timeshare vacation, please contact us. Follow this link to learn more about Bahamas Vacation Ownership.



Club Melia has the Look of Your Dream Vacation

Club Melia has the Look of Your Dream Vacation

You may not know the name Club Melia, but you have been dreaming about their resorts for years. The luxurious vacation properties of Club Melia, with their idyllic settings, offer the kind of getaway vacations of which dreams are made. And why wouldn’t they? Although Club Melia is relatively new to vacation clubs and the concepts of vacation ownership, they are a part of  one of the most respected global brands in the hotel industry, Meliá Hotels International.

Club Melia, as a vacation membership club, begin in Orlando, Florida in 2004, starting out with three properties. Within only two years time, Club Melia had added more resorts, for a total of 15 international member resort locations along with numerous popular international destinations available to Club Melia members for internal timeshare exchange.

You’ll find the dreamy resorts of Club Melia in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic); Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta); the Panama Canal in Panama, and in the Canary Islands of Spain. And Club Melia membership is designed for the way you like to vacation, affording you the flexibility to bank  or borrow vacation days from one year to the next, vacation in intervals shorter than your ownership week, and even exchange your membership points for discounts on airfare, car rental, and other travel benefits.

So wherever you are this January weekend, why don’t you warm up your vacation dreams with this video, and then peruse the resale and rental values you can enjoy in a Club Melia vacation?

Club Meliá is part of  Meliá Hotels International, a 55-year-old international hospitality company with over 350 hotels around the world.

St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association Honors RCI Timeshare Exchange

St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association Honors RCI Timeshare Exchange

RCI timeshare exchange helps you find your place at the beach.
RCI timeshare exchange helps you find your place at the beach.

The St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) has recently honored RCI timeshare exchange with a Crystal Pineapple Award in the category of Outstanding Tourism Industry Partner.

Alfred Harley, executive director of the SHTA, says, “SHTA has unanimously chosen RCI as the recipient of its 2012 Outstanding Tourism Industry Partner Award. This award recognizes international industry partners that have made a significant contribution toward the development of our tourism industry, and in this case we are confident that the timeshare industry on St. Maarten has benefited tremendously from a fruitful relationship with RCI.”

RCI timeshare exchange , which was the first vacation exchange company with an affiliation in St. Maarten, contributes to the St. Maarten tourism industry gathering, analyzing, and sharing information about timeshare exchange travel trends on the island. Using this information, St Maarten businesses are better able to serve the vacation market with tourism products and services that contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in St. Maarten.

Another significant accomplishment this year by RCI timeshare exchange and others in the timeshare industry leaders was their partnership in working with the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association to draft comprehensive legislation to assist in the regulation of the timeshare industry. In October, the partners were able to submit this legislation to Parliament and the Minister of Justice.

Eugenio Macouzet, managing director, RCI Caribbean, explains, “We are so happy to be presented with this prestigious award. The timeshare industry has developed quickly and beautifully on the island of St. Maarten, and we look forward to being a part of its continued growth in the future.”