Are these Manhattan Club Critics Correct?

Are these Manhattan Club Critics Correct?

You know the position we typically take here at The Timeshare Authority; we are always the first to say that many of the critics and financial experts who lambast timeshares do so because of a lack of true understanding of the timeshare product, its purpose, and its real benefits. But blogger, George Gombossy wrote an interesting article a few weeks back titled, “Manhattan Club Timeshare: Nice Place, If You Can Use it.”

In the article, Gombossy raised some very viable questions. He looks at the situation of a couple who purchase a Manhattan Club timeshare some 15 years ago. Their timeshare ownership was a little less common than the one-week annual usage, we all associate with timeshares or even the every-other-year biennial ownership. For their purchase price of $12,500, the couple received 7 nights of usage every third year.

In their, so far, 15 years of ownership, the couple has only been eligible to use their timeshare for 35 nights, that’s 7 nights per usage year x 5 years. This actually averages to just under $360 per night—a price that is practically a steal on luxury accommodations in Manhattan. And of course their ownership does not cap at 15 years. They still have a lifetime to use and enjoy New York nights at the Manhattan Club, with each time lowering the overall cost of their ownership.

So where’s the problem?

First, the dollars and cents are not quite this clear cut. The couple pays around $700 per year in annual maintenance fees and they did not purchase their timeshare ownership in cash, which means that they have paid interest on it over the years. This interest has added up to, thus far, $11,250 dollars. These additional costs bring their timeshare ownership to an average per night cost of almost $980. But remember, once the timeshare is paid for, the only on-going cost is maintenance, meaning that the per night cost average goes down, year by year. And have you priced luxury Manhattan hotel rooms lately?

Here’s the real rub.


This couple, and according to the article, “hundreds of other timeshare owners,” find that the number of units available to them is few. In order to book nights, owners have to book a year in advance. Unless, an owner only owns every usage third year, and then their terms of ownership do not permit them to book more than six months in advance.

The couple, who also owns a Stowe, Vermont timeshare and a Maui timeshare, says they have never had this problem at other properties.

The owners explain, “When checking the website, units identical to ours are being offered to the nonmember general public on many dates, including the one(s) we had requested. This is inexcusable since dues-paying members should have first choice of units and dates.”

The Other Side of the Story: from the Manhattan Club

In comments made to the Better Business Bureau, Louise Church, director of inventory management at the Manhattan Club, has written to the BBB. Church states that the pool of available timeshare units for Manhattan Club owners is not the same pool of units made available to the public and that rental to the public is used as a way to keep the maintenance fees of the owners lower.

She also adds that the couple in question is seeking reservations at the highest demand season of the year and that the couple has been placed on a waiting list. Which Church adds is a process that works.


The blogger wraps up his post by drawing the conclusion that you can’t even give away timeshare for a $1.

Every time I hear this I wonder how, if this were accurate, any individual or company makes money as timeshare brokers of resales? … If you can’t resell, then why do people choose real estate brokerage of timeshares as a profession and more importantly, why do they stay in it? If the myth of the $1 timeshare were true, how have successful timeshare brokerages like ours stayed in business all these years?

In the end, the truest principle of business is that the customer is always right. Even if the customer isn’t. While you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, timeshare has to find a way to be even more flexible and accommodating. This is the only way to diffuse its critics once and for all.

Important Footnote: The Manhattan Club consistently remains one of the most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals on our Timeshare Demand Index

3 Most Popular Destinations for Timeshare Vacations Memorial Day Weekend

3 Most Popular Destinations for Timeshare Vacations Memorial Day Weekend

Urban destinations popular for timeshare-vacations.
Urban destinations popular for timeshare vacations.

The three most popular destinations for timeshare vacations this Memorial Day Weekend holiday may not be the places you would guess first. Orlando timeshares? Daytona Beach timeshares? Maybe Myrtle Beach timeshares in South Carolina?

Nope. Not if TripAdvisor’s recent Memorial Day Weekend travel survey translates accurately to the vacation ownership industry and timeshare vacations. Although beach vacations for summer rank number one at 51 percent, the single most-visited city will be New York City. The Big Apple is followed by Boston and Washington, D.C.

And while big city destinations may not come to mind first for timeshare vacations, the truth is, you can enjoy excellent (and affordable) timeshare resales and timeshare rentals in all three of these favorite urban vacation spots.

Consider this sampling of urban timeshare vacations resorts:

The Manhattan Club located at 200 West 56th Street in New York City, this New York timeshare vacation spot puts you at the heart of fine dining, Broadway shows, 5th Avenue shopping, and all the big city fun that is uniquely New York.

Marriott’s Custom House in Boston  is another example of a vacation ownership resort that couldn’t be closer to the hub of all you want to see and do on your timeshare vacation.  In a historic property, (packed with modern day amenities) Marriott’s Custom House overlooks Boston Harbor and Cambridge and provides convenient access to the city’s historic Freedom Trail.

Wyndham Old Town Alexandria is only a short drive across the Potomac River into Washington, D.C. This select location makes it easy to enjoy the neighborhood charm of Old Town Alexandria, while still being convenient to the Washington D.C. transit system and all the nearby historic attractions of our nation’s capital.

And for millions and millions of vacationers in the US, all three of these vacation hot spots are located within a one day drive from home.

Bluegreen Vacations Timeshare Aids Red Cross in Hurricane Sandy Relief

Bluegreen Vacations Timeshare Aids Red Cross in Hurricane Sandy Relief

Bluegreen timeshare fundraising for the American Red Cross
Bluegreen timeshare fundraising for the American Red Cross

Bluegreen Vacations, (Bluegreen timeshare) has partnered with the American Red Cross in a fundraising effort for Hurricane Sandy storm relief. The Boca Raton, Florida based vacation club has donated $5000 to the American Red Cross and is matching associate contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $5000 from now until November 30, 2012.

President and CEO of Bluegreen Vacations, John Maloney, announced the plan earlier this week saying, “Many Bluegreen associates in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast took great precautions before the storm to protect our resort owners and guests, even as they took steps to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.” Maloney adds, “They showed great care and compassion. Now it’s our opportunity—and responsibility—to show compassion.”

Bluegreen Vacations Resorts Weather the Storm

Hurricane Sandy directly affected only a limited number of Bluegreen timeshares, some of which are resorts owned by Bluegreen Vacations and other which are affiliated with Bluegreen Vacations. These include:

  • Atlantic Palace in Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Patrick Henry Square in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Shenandoah Crossing in Gordonsville, Virginia
  • The Soundings in Dennis Port, Massachusetts
  • The Breakers in Dennis Port, Massachusetts
  • The Manhattan Club in New York City

The American Red Cross

So far, the American Red Cross has provided more than 23,000 overnight shelter says since October 26, two days before Hurricane Sandy made landfall. With over 60 million people directly impacted by this storm, an area the Red Cross describes as being about the size of Europe, the real damage to lives, businesses, and the economy is hard to estimate. Long after the rest of the country has stopped talking about the situation, people win the storm damaged areas will still be struggling to put their lives back in place.

If you can help, even small donations matter. The American National Red Cross is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the American National Red Cross are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Red Cross’ tax identification number is 53-0196605. For more information, visit

Vacation and Timeshare Rentals in Demand

Vacation and Timeshare Rentals in Demand

Happy Labor Day Weekend! The Timeshare Authority blog hopes you are enjoying a “labor-free” Labor Day holiday.

Writing today’s blog post was a bit like writing a back-to-school essay titled, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” except, we’d have to call this, “What Everyone Did on Their Vacation.”

Last week we published the new Hot 100 Timeshare Resales report and the Hot 100 Timeshare Rentals report.

These reports list for you the top 100 timeshare resales and the top 100 timeshare rentals to receive offers to buy or rent at Sell My Timeshare NOW and Timeshare Broker Services. The lists provide you a true overview of how consumers are allocating their vacation accommodations dollars.

Download these two free reports and study them for yourself. Among the trends and vacations patterns you will observe is this information about the top 20 most in-demand timeshare rentals:

  1. Included in the top 20 timeshare rentals are 8 Marriott Vacation Club International resorts: Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club; Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club; Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas; Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club; Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes; Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club; Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club; and Marriott’s Grande Vista
  2. In addition to the three Marriott Hawaii timeshares listed above, two other Hawaii timeshares ranked among the top 20 rental destinations: Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas and Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas North
  3. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake’s West Village; Disney’s Beach Club Villas and Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort are the three Orlando timeshares on the hot properties rental list.
  4. Three Mexico timeshares made the list of most in-demand timeshare rentals: Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta; Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and Palace Resorts at Moon Palace Golf and Spa
  5. The remaining four timeshare resorts among the top 20 are the Manhattan Club; the Ocean Beach Club – Virginia Beach and Harborside Resort at Atlantis along Harborside Resort at Atlantis II

Find out more here:

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