Timeshare Rental Surprise

Timeshare Rental Surprise

It happened again. Just this week I ran into an intelligent, busy, family-man who likes to vacation and travel. Yet as we talked about timeshares, and I mentioned renting, he looked at me in surprise and said,  “I didn’t know you can rent timeshare.”

Timeshare rental remains one of the vacation ownership industry’s best-kept secrets, despite a lot of effort on our part and others in the timeshare industry to get the secret out.

Here’s what timeshare rental really means:

  • • The discounted prices of timeshare rental means you can enjoy vacations you thought were outside your budget.
  • • Timeshare rentals are available at resorts and destinations worldwide.
  • • You can plan ahead or take advantage of last minute rentals.
  • • Timeshare rentals are available for your multi-week escape or your short-stay getaway. Intervals are negotiable and timeshare rentals can even be available for single night stays.
  • • Timeshare resorts are designed… not just for sleeping like hotels are, but for vacationing. They are built in all the places you love to vacation, both favorite destinations and secluded hideaways. Rich in amenities, pick a timeshare rental that offers water slides and lazy rivers; spa services; great golfing; or any of dozens and dozens of other ways you like to play hard or relax in ease.
  • • Timeshares are spacious. Your days of sharing one room, two beds, and one bath with the rest of your family are over when you take advantage of the many deals on renting timeshare. Choose from studios, to one-, two-, three- even four bedrooms with multiple baths; kitchens and dining areas; TVs and gaming stations; many even offer washers and dryers. Timeshare makes it easy to enjoy the comforts of home at your vacation home away from home.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t know about the opportunities of timeshare rentals. Don’t pay more to experience less by vacationing in hotel accommodations when you and your family or friends could be enjoying timeshare rentals.

Interested in learning more? Follow this link to these Frequently Asked Questions about Timeshare Rentals.




Egypt Timeshare and Tourism in a Changing Culture

Egypt Timeshare and Tourism in a Changing Culture

Dive Inn Resort, Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt
(The Dive Inn Resort, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt)

Hard hit by civil and political unrest in the Middle East, tourism in Egypt has struggled as lingering domestic upheaval, post Arab Spring, deterred vacationers and travelers.

In a country where the tourism industry employs approximately one in eight workers, the problem of job decline leading to unrest leading to tourism decline leading to more job loss is cyclical and frustrating for all. While challenges in this economic sector are only a part of the puzzle Egypt isworking to piece together, it is one that Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour is determined to resolve.

During a recent press conference in Dubai, Minister Abdel Nour told reporters, “My aim for this year is to see the number of tourists to Egypt this year rise to 2010 levels.”

Through April, tourist arrivals in Egypt have increased by roughly 40 percent over the same period in 2011. If the country reaches its goal of 14.5 million tourists in 2012, it will be near its pre-revolution 2010 count of 14.7 million visitors.

Speaking during the Arabian Travel Market, Abdel Nour stressed that the images the world has seen of revolution in Tahrir Square do not accurately reflect Egypt as a whole. The website 7DaysinDubai quotes Minister Abdel Nour as saying, “… there is a great majority who live their life normally … The farmers grow, the people who work in the factories produce and the hotel managers run their resorts – everybody is doing his job smoothly.”

How a Changing Political Climate could Impact Egypt Timeshare and Tourism

Tourism is rebounding first, Abdel Nour says, in the Red Sea beach areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, where the popular Dive Inn Resort, the Grand Sharm Resort, and the Gardenia Plaza Resort are located and in Hurghada, home of the Dana Beach Resort Hotel.

Concern has been that with Islamists now dominating the Egyptian parliament, laws could be enacted to restrict alcohol sales, perhaps ban modern-day swimwear, or implement other guidelines that would change the relaxed resort atmosphere of Egypt’s vacation and tourism destinations.

In a recent article published by the Washington Post (“Egyptian tourism minister predicts return of tourists to near pre-uprising levels this year,” April 30, 2012) Minister Abdel Nour disputed these concerns, saying, “… the tourism industry is ‘doing everything in the book’ to woo visitors again. For example, it is trying to attract more charter airlines and discount carriers, and rolling out new offerings like longer Nile cruises.”

With the election of an Egyptian President not scheduled until later this month (with a run-off in June, should it be necessary), immediate answers about Egypt’s future remain unclear. But what is clear is that global tourists and Egyptian family vacationers seeking to enjoy the timeless sun, sand, and shoreline of an Egypt timeshare vacation are currently faced with excellent opportunities to buy or rent Egypt timeshare at highly competitive prices.

For many Egypt nationals now living abroad and others with Egyptian heritage, buying Egypt timeshare is an ideal way to plan annual visits to family and friends still living there. For vacationers from the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, who have always  flocked to Egypt’s sunshine and beaches, now would seem  an opportune time to vacation in Egypt while yesterday’s uncertainties are passing and today’s red carpet and competitive pricing for accommodations, dining, and attractions remain strong.

Last Minute Timeshare Rentals, Deals Too Good to Pass Up

Last Minute Timeshare Rentals, Deals Too Good to Pass Up

One of our timeshare rental features is a service called “Last Minute Timeshare Rental Deals.”

Last Minute Timeshare Rental Deals afford owners a way to rent their timeshare and recoup some or all of their annual fees and/or taxes. This means even if the timeshare owner didn’t plan on renting his or her timeshare, there’s still a high visibility opportunity to do so through our website and with the assistance of our licensed timeshare brokers.

For vacationers, Last Minute Timeshare Rental Deals mean a chance to vacation, even if you haven’t planned ahead or booked a resort. It also means a chance to explore timeshare resorts across the country (or around the world), and to learn more about a particular resort, brand or about timesharing in general. And best of all, it means vacationing at an extraordinary price for your accommodations.

How Last Minute Timeshare Rentals Work

Taking advantage of a last minute rental is easy. Pick your vacation, reserve your week, pack and go! It’s that simple.

If you don’t have the luxury of enjoying 7 days of vacation, ask about the possibility of renting the timeshare for fewer days and nights. Many timeshare owners are quite receptive to a partial week’s rental, especially if their use date is rapidly approaching.

So go ahead and peruse our last minute timeshare rental deals.

Each and every rental listed as a Last Minute Timeshare Rental Deal has been verified for accuracy of description and terms to ensure that the information provided is 100 percent accurate. And even though the clock is ticking, when you book a Last Minute Rental Deal, your reservation is guaranteed the minute you sign and return to us your rental agreement.


The Timeshare Investment Reality

The Timeshare Investment Reality

Timeshare investment is a topic that draws a lot of attention. The mainstream media is often quick to point out what a poor investment timeshares are. But were timeshares ever mean to be an investment?

Here’s what Dictionary.com has to say about the word “investment”:


  1. The action or process of investing money for profit or material result.
  2. A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.
  3. An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Timeshare Investment is Not for Financial Return

A timeshare is not an investment for financial return. In a world that once assumed all real estate purchases yielded  profit when resold, the economic decline of recent years has served as a wakeup call that even some seemingly sound ‘investments’ such as the homes we buy don’t always return us a profit when resold. This simple fact alone  knocks definitions 1 and 2 off the list in terms of timeshares.

But what about definition number 3? Is a timeshare an investment in the sense that it brings you a worthwhile result

According to research  conducted by Ernst & Young LLP and published in the State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry Study 2011, there are more than 8 million timeshare owners in the United States, among whom there is a satisfaction rate of 85 percent.

Some of the reasons timeshare owners use and enjoy their timeshares include the facts that they find the accommodations spacious; they know what to expect from their resort (or one they exchange for) so vacation planning is easy; and they know that timeshare resorts typically offer amenities to entertain and engage family members of all ages.

But perhaps one of the most important ways that timeshares yield “worthwhile results” is that they create a pattern of vacation commitment. Both research and our instincts tell us that vacations are good for our mental and physical well-being, they recharge our creativity, help us build stronger bonds with family and friends, and allow us time to restore, recoup, and recharge. And when the commitment is made, and the vacation is paid for in advance, it’s amazing how motivated we become to take that much needed time off.

Vacations are, in fact, an investment in yourself. Whether you stay in a hotel room, a tent, or you buy or rent timeshare, you won’t see a financial return. There is no such thing as a timeshare investment. But the ways in which you will benefit by taking that vacation may turn out to be worth far more than the money you spend.