Dial An Exchange Partners with SellMyTimeshareNOW.com in Rental Program

Dial An Exchange Partners with SellMyTimeshareNOW.com in Rental Program

We are excited to share this news from Dial An Exchange, which is really our news, too. But with something as big as the new guaranteed program ensuring your timeshare rental is ready and waiting when you arrive, well… that’s an announcement that deserves extra attention.

Here is the announcement as released by our rental program partners, Dial An Exchange, just this morning:


Phoenix, AZ – June 6, 2013 Dial An Exchange (DAE), the world’s largest independently owned timeshare exchange provider with worldwide destination availability, has teamed up with SellMyTimeshareNow.com, a leader in online timeshare resales and rentals, to provide a benefit to timeshare owners who wish to monetize their vacation weeks and to the consumers that wish to rent them. This new program will guarantee that weeks posted by timeshare owners for rent on the SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and ResortRentals.com websites are valid and, in fact, available to rent – real time.

Commented Fermin Cruz, VP Americas Region for DAE, “This is a tremendous benefit to renters. Prior to the introduction of this program, independent owners’ rental postings were seldom guaranteed as described in their ads. Often owners forget that they’ve rented to a friend, rented via another site or not paid all appropriate fees, resulting in a lockout status of their unit. In essence, the prospective renter had to trust the validity of the rental ad they were reading. Since independent owners can set their own prices, renters love to book these weeks because the rental rates are so low. Now Dial An Exchange will do the legwork to ensure that the rental is truly available and current.”

Starting July, 2013, vacationers will be able to rent owners’ timeshares for week long luxury vacations through each of the VacationOwnership.com brand websites, SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and ResortRentals.com backed by an accommodations verification processed by DAE. Pricing on the VacationOwnership.com brands will be competitively lower and will be made available to all timeshare owners, regardless of how many weeks they have to offer.  The new VacationOwnership.com rental program will appeal to vacationers who prefer the amenities and spacious accommodations of timeshare resorts at highly competitive prices, and will also enable timeshare owners to monetize their vacation ownership by generating rental income. At the same time, they will be introducing the timeshare ownership proposition to reach millions of prospective buyers that had not previously considered timeshare as an option.

Added Cruz, “The service we are providing for the VacationOwnership.com brands is part of our core competency and a perfect fit for us. Plus there is huge value for the renters who will not have to worry if the owner has paid his maintenance fees, already rented the unit, or deposited it with an exchange service without taking down the rental listing. Until now, such problems were all valid concerns. We anticipate that the continued online expertise of ResortRentals.com and SellMyTimeshareNOW.com combined with DAE’s supporting services will deliver a value benefit to the industry as a whole, breathing new life into the secondary market.”

Jason Tremblay, Founder of SellMyTimeshareNOW.com adds, “Through advancements being implemented on SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and ResortRentals.com, timeshare owners will soon be able to get their properties in front of an extremely targeted and massive base of vacationers who have been previously under-marketed for timeshare rentals. The new timeshare rental booking platform will deliver what travelers and vacationers want by making it easy for them to book and confirm their vacation immediately, in the same easy way they are accustomed to booking airline reservations and other online travel services.”

Today DAE is the world’s largest privately owned timeshare exchange provider with worldwide destination availability, an extensive network of corporate customers, and a  member base of over 450,000. Offices are located in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, India, South Africa, Italy and now Eastern Europe and Egypt. DAE offers a free membership option and exchange fees are not charged until an exchange is confirmed.

Announcement: ResortRentals.com Bringing Solutions to Secondary Timeshare Market

Announcement: ResortRentals.com Bringing Solutions to Secondary Timeshare Market

VacationOwnership.comVacationOwnership.com is launching a new product and a new website. Called ResortRentals.com, the site will provide a vacation rental service that can only be called: revolutionary.

Although it is still in the beta stages, we are close to full launch. Simply put, ResortRentals.com will provide timeshare rentals as a vacation product delivered at prices and at a level of service and surety that no other timeshare by-owner rental website or online travel agency can provide.

Will you be at GNEX 2013? I will be. I  hope you will ask me about ResortRentals.com, about what it means for the timeshare industry and the opportunity to bring timeshare to a whole new market of vacationers, and most importantly, about how you can get involved.

Read our media release provided below to find out more.

ResortRentals.com Bringing Solutions to Secondary Timeshare Market

VacationOwnership.com and SellMyTimeshareNOW.com, timeshare resale and vacation ownership innovators, in affiliation with ResortRentals.com, announces the soft launch of a new product the company describes as revolutionary in vacation booking and timeshare rental. Launching in February 2013 as a beta site, ResortRentals.com will offer the solutions the secondary market has been seeking.  ResortRentals.com will provide consumers a simple and reliable way to book affordable weeklong luxury vacations. For the timeshare industry, ResortRentals.com will provide a groundbreaking approach for individual owners, HOAs (Homeowner Associations), resale companies and management companies to both, effectively monetize timeshare and concurrently promote the timeshare product to a whole new market of vacationing consumers.

Developed to be more competitive than the OTAs, (online travel agencies), ResortRentals.com will feature vacation resort rentals at prices no other online travel service currently offers or can match and guarantee. ResortRentals.com will utilize the types of SEO (search engine optimization) technology proven effective by SellMyTimeshareNOW.com in aggregating an inventory of more available timeshare rentals and inquiries than any other known secondary market company. Partnering with leading timeshare exchange providers the inventory will be cleaned and scrubbed and the bookings secure. ResortRentals.com will deliver a new concept in booking vacation accommodations, while eliminating the consumer risk associated with renting from other by-owner websites.

VacationOwnership.com and SellMyTimeshareNOW.com founder Jason Tremblay says,

“We are tremendously excited about our new partners and being able to bring this technology to consumers and to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. For vacationing families, ResortRentals.com will be the most affordable way to book a vacation—and not just any vacation but one that puts you and your family in the spacious, condo-style accommodations of timeshare with multiple bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas and other valued resort amenities.

For timeshare owners, ResortRentals.com will mean an easy, reliable way to rent out your timeshare any year you don’t plan to use it yourself, helping to offset the cost of annual timeshare maintenance fees; providing the guest the opportunity to choose later to become owners, turning the site into a marketing tool for by-owner and broker facilitated resales.”

Tremblay adds, “For the timeshare industry as a whole, there is simply no better way to showcase the roomy, amenity-rich vacation venues of timeshare than by getting families into the resorts first on a no-obligation, rental vacation. ResortRentals.com will deliver to the Resorts/Associations an opportunity to inspire the next generation of timeshare owners by introducing vacation ownership to a whole new market of internet-savvy consumers who are already accustomed to booking their travel online.”

Describing ResortRentals.com as disruptive and innovative, Tremblay explains that ResortRentals.com will utilize the SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and VacationOwnership.com position as leaders in organic-driven internet search to drive the discounted timeshare resort rental offerings to the forefront of online vacation booking. Our partners will provide the critical next step (known in the timeshare industry as “cleaning and pressing”) of ensuring the usability of the deposited timeshare weeks, delivering consumer confidence that each week’s availability will be there when booked and when they arrive.