VacationBetter.Org Unveils New Look for Timeshare Vacations Website, the vacation website of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has rolled out a new look and feel to its website. Focusing on bringing you more stories directly from timeshare owners and timeshare vacationers, the new website design for now includes on its homepage, video testimonials directly from owners.

The website describes it saying, “The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is partnering with its members to bring the passion of the owners to other vacationers through its Timeshare Fans Program. These Timeshare Fans will explain – in their own words – why timeshare is a better way to vacation.”

The new look of the website puts the emphasis on timeshare the way the world should be seeing it: as a valued choice for family vacations, with spacious accommodations and easy vacation planning. The redesign also helps showcase how many, many families find timeshare vacations to be a tradition that they anticipate and enjoy year after year. And to help get more timeshare owners share the real truth of timesharing, has made it easy for owners to add their photos and written or video stories to the website.

Millions of Happy Timeshare Owners

ARDA and see their new-look website as part of their commitment to their Timeshare Fans program, through which they can help show the world the enthusiasm and passion that so many timeshare owners feel for their vacation ownership products.  With nearly 8 million timeshare owners worldwide, there are a lot of raving fans. ARDA and many others in the timeshare industry think it’s time you heard more about and from these happy owners.

And what better place to start telling the story of satisfied timeshare owners than at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, Florida… as the owners in this video explain…