Interval International Cancellation Policy for Timeshare

Interval International Cancellation Policy for Timeshare

The newest issue of TimeSharing Today Magazine, includes a letter from Lori Card-King, who is the vice president of Quality Assurance for Interval International timeshare exchange. Ms. Card-King is responding to a letter TimeSharing Today received from a reader who had questions about Interval International’s exchange policy.

My summary of both letters may give you more insight into the thinking behind policies at timeshare exchange companies and the viewpoint of timeshare owners who question the policies.

The timeshare owner’s position was that when she needed to cancel her timeshare vacation within seven days of the travel date, it was unfair for Interval International timeshare exchange to refuse to let her select another timeshare interval at a future date against her banked timeshare week. The timeshare owner acknowledged that Interval International not only kept her banked week and refused to let her make a future exchange but also charged her a fee for the cancellation. While the timeshare owner had no objection to paying the fee, she did object to having to forfeit all possible exchange against her banked week.

Interval International timeshare exchange’s explanation was that last minute cancellations often result in unused timeshare weeks because no one else is able to make travel arrangements fast enough to use the timeshare interval. II pointed out that they try to protect their members by refusing to accept banked or deposited timeshare for dates that are less than two weeks in the future, and not permitting exchanges with less than 7 days notice.

When you hear both sides, you can see that the timeshare owner and the timeshare exchange company each raise good points and TimeSharing Today did a good job of showing both sides of the issue when they printed the two letters side by side.

One option that was recommended was for the timeshare owner to purchase insurance from Interval International for just this reason. The timeshare owner also pointed out that two other timeshare exchange companies with which she had dealt, do allow you to still exchange for another week, even if you make a last minute cancellation. These two companies are: RCI and Donita’s Dial An Exchange.

In the past, I have listed the names of several timeshare exchange companies here on the Timeshare Owners Blog, but maybe it is time to do it again. The Timeshare Owners Blog does not endorse or recommend any particular timeshare exchange company, because different ones are best suited for different vacation patterns and individual needs.

Donita’s Dial an Exchange
2845 Nimitz Boulevard, Suite E
San Diego, California 92106
Telephone: (800) 468-1799
Or, (619) 226-2776

Dial an Exchange: (United Kingdom)
Telephone: +44 (0) 1756 749966
Dial an Exchange (Australia)
Telephone: +61 (0) 7 5572 6722
Dial an Exchange (New Zealand)
Telephone: +64 (0) 7 378 8825
Email:[email protected]

Independent Exchange Service
(888) 431-9868

(II) Interval International
World Headquarters
6262 Sunset Drive
Miami, Florida USA 33143
Telephone: (888) 784-3447 (US and Canada)
Or, (305) 668-3414
Or, (800) 843-8843 (Member Services)

Platinum Interchange
1300 North Kellogg Drive, Suite B
Anaheim, California 92807 USA
800) 854-2324
Or, (714) 779-7900
Email:[email protected]

Hawaii Time Share Exchange
Post Office Box 1077
Koloa, Hawaii 96756 USA
Telephone: (866) 860-4873
Or, (808) 240-5316

Telephone: 07 5531 6100
Or, 61 7 5531 6100

New Horizons Exchange
Telephone: (386) 236-1088
[email protected]

(RCI) Resort Condominiums International
(North American Office)
9998 North Michigan Road
Carmel, Indiana USA 46032
Telephone: (317) 805-9000
Or, (800) 338-7777 (Member Services)

Trading Places International
23807 Aliso Creek Road
Laguna Niguel, California 92656 USA
Telephone: (949) 448-5150
Or, (800) 365-1048
Email: [email protected]

(SFX) San Francisco Exchange Company
Telephone: (800) 739-9969

Baby Boomers Not the Only Ones Who Buy Timeshare and Enjoy Timeshare Vacations

Baby Boomers Not the Only Ones Who Buy Timeshare and Enjoy Timeshare Vacations

According to ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, diverse segments of the population own timeshares, but currently the majority of timeshare units are owned by baby boomers and empty nesters. Howard Nausbaum, ARDA president, says, “Baby Boomers like the value proposition and agility of ‘sharing’ resources such as vacation condos and homes.”

I’ve pointed out to you before that people born between 1946 and 1964—the boomers—are the fastest growing demographic in our society, so it stands to reason that they will represent the largest group of Americans who buy timeshare or rent timeshare for their vacations. They also, as a group enjoy the highest income earning levels with many of them having not yet even reached their earning potential. In the book Boom, (by Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn) a source you have seen me quote before, boomers are benefiting from inheritances left them by their parents and in-laws, adding to their resources of expendable income.

But boomers are not the only ones who rent timeshare or buy timeshare. And a closer look at Interval International’s most recent profile of timeshare buyers bears this out.

Profile of Vacationers Who Buy Timeshare

Research done by the timeshare exchange company, Interval International, (as reported in Hotel Interactive) revealed that, “leisure travelers interested in vacation ownership have a strong commitment to their values, personal needs, and lifestyles.”

The study goes on to identify that 36 percent of the people who buy timeshare are between the ages of 42 and 60. But here’s where I think, the research gets particularly interesting; 33 percent of the people who buy timeshare are between the ages of 28 and 41, with another 12 percent being under the age of 27.

The math’s not difficult here. People over the age of 42, do in fact, make up the largest percentage of timeshare owners, but it has clearly become a pretty tight race. People between the ages of 21 and 41 are purchasing an amazing 45 percent of all timeshares!

Proof once again, that timeshare ownership today is no longer a concept struggling to define itself and find ways to create flexibility and options. Nowadays, if you want to buy timeshare, your choices are flexible and packed with enough options to suit almost everyone’s vacation style and budget, especially when you look at the opportunities to buy timeshare on the resale market.

Timeshare Resale and By-Owner Timeshare

Timeshare resales and by-owner timeshare have taken down the price barriers and made timeshare ownership available to an enormous segment of the population. People who want to sell timeshare have often used and enjoyed their vacation ownership for many years; when they sell, they may be ready to simply relieve themselves of the commitments of timeshare ownership and move on to something else in their lives. Lifestyle changes, job transfers, health issues, marriages, divorces, and income changes are all reasons that some timeshare owners are willing to resell timeshare at very competitive prices. And if you’ve never looked at just how competitive the prices for timeshare resale and timeshare rental can be, I can think of no better place for you to start looking than at Sell My Timeshare NOW.

Timeshare Exchange Companies Come in All Sizes

Timeshare Exchange Companies Come in All Sizes

RCI and II offer excellent services, but timeshare owners should also consider timeshare exchange companies of all sizes as they select the exchange option that is best for them.

Most timeshare vacation property owners have at least heard of the two largest timeshare exchange companies, Interval International (II) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI). But many timeshare owners are surprised to learn that there are a number of other successful timeshare exchange companies and that for some timeshare owners, a small company is the best choice.

India timeshare resales

Dial An Exchange International (DAE) is a small timeshare company with offices in the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In recent weeks, Dial An Exchange has announced new operations throughout Asia in conjunction with Highpoint Business Solutions and in South Africa. The goal of Dial An Exchange is to establish a network of representative offices thought Asia, starting with China, India timeshare, and Thailand timeshare and to better serve the growing South Africa timeshare market.

To find about more about Dial An Exchange, visit their website,

To learn more about timeshare exchange companies in general, visit the Sell My Timeshare NOW website and read about “Timeshare Exchange Companies” and the benefits they offer timeshare owners.

Timeshare Companies on Fast Track for Growth

Timeshare Companies on Fast Track for Growth

Buyers and sellers of timeshare need to stay on top of the trends.

When you buy a timeshare or timeshare resale, you can base your decision-making solely on the location, amenities, options, and price that best suit your personal budget. But if you see resale or even exchanging in your future, then you also should consider factors that other people most frequently seek in a timeshare resort or vacation club.

Two-bedroom units are by far the most popular and of course, you need to consider the desirability of the week or timeshare interval you own. But a sometimes-overlooked factor that influences resale-ability is brand. As I have mentioned before, people are comfortable with names they already know and trust. If someone likes a certain hotel chain, they naturally assume they will like timeshare resorts developed under the same brand. And big-names give buyers a sense of assurance that the company they trust is going to be around for awhile.

Of course you know and recognize the major brand players in timesharing. Disney, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Starwood, are only a few of the companies that inspire confidence among timeshare buyers. HOTELS magazine recently added to that list with some other timeshare names you may or may not know, but should watch for. Based on research from HOTELS magazine, here’s RCI’s list of “fast-track” timeshare companies:

  • In the US and Mexico: Bluegreen Corporation, Burroughs & Chapin, and Mayan Resorts (Mexico)
  • In Europe: Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Porto Bay Group, Sol Meliá, Hilton International, and Ramada
  • In Asia: Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India, Royal Resorts (Australia)
  • In Africa: Sun International

Interval International’s list includes:

  • In the US and Mexico: Gold Key Resorts, Westgate Resorts, and Villa Group (Mexico)
  • In Europe: DeVere Hotels & Resorts (UK), and Royal Savoy Resort (Portugal)
  • In the Middle East: Caryatid Properties, developer for the Royal Club at The Palm, Beijing’s Xiang Luxiang, and Development Corp.’s private residence clubs

Other notables: Grecotel, Club La Costa, RMI, and HC (Europe).

To find resale timeshare from these developers and many others, visit