Interval International

Interval International Adds Morritt’s Grand Resort in Cayman Islands to Affiliated Network

Morritt’s Grand Resort has announced that they have signed an affiliation contract with Interval International.

Located on the eastern side of Grand Cayman, Morritt’s Grand Resort is the second resort from Morritt to join the timeshare exchange network. Morritt’s Tortuga Club joined Interval back in 2013. Both Interval and Morritt are excited to add another resort to the network. [Read more…]

dial an exchange

DAE Drives Vacation Ownership with Invitational Golf Tournament

DAE, the popular timeshare exchange company, will host their second annual DAE Invitational Golf Classic in Taupo, New Zealand. The tournament will take place from May 10th–May 14th.

The event will be DAE’s second golf tournament in Taupo. Last year, the timeshare exchange group held a five day tournament with 70 international and local participants. This year, they expect over 100 players. [Read more…]


RCI Adds 25 Resorts to Affiliated Network in 3rd Quarter

This week, RCI announced that it added over 25 properties to its affiliated resort network during the 3rd quarter of 2014. These new properties will join the 4,500 other resorts already included within RCI’s affiliated network.

This quarter, the timeshare exchange company added resorts at exciting destinations, including Mexico, Barbados, and Turkey. [Read more…]

dial an exchange

DAE Rebrand Fosters Company Growth

It’s been a year since the vacation exchange provider Dial An Exchange rebranded to DAE. Since then, DAE has experienced substantial company growth.

DAE, which began as a small company, has developed into a global organization. They operate offices in 12 countries including: USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Bulgaria, India, Thailand, Egypt, and South Africa. Over the past year, this organization has grown their regional programs with more opportunities for both resorts and members. [Read more…]