Orlando Timeshare is Stronger than You Think

Orlando Timeshare is Stronger than You Think

Concerned about the strength of the Orlando timeshare market? Be sure to read this.

If you are familiar with Orlando vacation ownership, you probably know that there are more Orlando timeshares and timeshare units than in any other city in the world. And while this may seem like great news for vacationers who want to buy a timeshare indicating that they will have many beautiful, resorts from which to choose, it could be a little intimidating if you want to sell your Orlando timeshare.

The Real Question about Orlando Timeshare

So here’s the real question: are there too many Orlando timeshares already? Not if you take your cue from the business planners at Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacation Club, and other branded hospitality providers that have continued to expand their properties in the Central Florida area. And there are certainly not too many Orlando timeshares according to the amazing tourism numbers being reported by Visit Orlando. In 2011, Orlando set a new world record with 55.1 million visitors, an increase of 7.2 percent over the previous year’s total and even a 1.5 percent gain above the forecasted number for the year.

Insights like these are confidence building for the vacation ownership industry and should be inspiring to Orlando timeshare owners. If you are looking to buy timeshare in the Central Florida area, these stats tell you it as a growing and viable market. And if you are an existing owner, looking to sell timeshare in the Orlando area, you need only to look to the numbers to gain reassurance that there is measurable demand for Orlando timeshare.

Paul Tang, Chairman of Visit Orlando says, “We are known worldwide as the top family destination and we continue to be a top choice for inspiring meetings. Breaking the 55 million total visitation mark shows the strength of the Orlando brand.”

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VacationOwnership.com to Roll Out a New Look for Our New Brand

VacationOwnership.com to Roll Out a New Look for Our New Brand

Many in the vacation ownership and timeshare industry know that our company has been making major changes in order to serve both our consumer clients and our industry clients better. On March 30 of this year, we announced our newest brand: VacationOwnership.com. (see: Leading Timeshare Resale Company Rebranding As VacationOwnership.Com)

Rebranding a company, especially one with an internet presence as expansive as ours, is a big challenge. Although our new website www.vacationownership.com is busy with the online activity of timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters through our licensed timeshare brokerage, we are still working daily to expand and improve the website.

We have also had the exciting opportunity of working on our new corporate logo. A process that isn’t—and really shouldn’t be—easy to do. After all, a logo plays an important role for a company. It must communicate, brand, engage, and attract. At the same time, it needs to look good on your website, your golf shirt, or your business card. It can’t be too busy or it will be distracting, nor can it be too plain which would make it boring. Most importantly, it has to speak to others for your company when you are not there to speak yourself.

The number of people who can say they would recognize the CEOs of NIKE, Coco-Cola, or McDonalds if they saw him or her walking by is vastly smaller than the number of people who know the brand marks of those corporations. People recognize certain logos so well that they can instantly identify them even without the presence of the company’s name beside the mark.

Yes, a little logo carries a lot of responsibility on its back. We can’t wait to start unveiling ours. We tried to think of a good hint to share about our new logo but decided that for now, we’d just have to tell you that it makes us feel good about our company every time we see it and we hope that’s how it will make you feel, too.

…watch for it soon!

Finally, Financial Planner Who Understands Timeshares and Timeshare Rentals

Finally, Financial Planner Who Understands Timeshares and Timeshare Rentals

The Huffington Post

With so many financial gurus quick to criticize timeshare, it is both refreshing and reassuring to read the words of a respected financial planner who understands the why and how of timeshare vacations and actually recommends timeshares and timeshare rentals.

Irvin G. Schorsch III, founder and president of Pennsylvania Capital Management, Inc., has an excellent article in today’s issue (May 25, 2012) of the Huffington Post Money Section. In his article, “The Don’t-Defer-Your-Life Approach to Financial Planning,” Schorsch doesn’t encourage consumers to be reckless, extravagant, or foolish with money, but he does point out that if you are always waiting until some future date when your life/finances/etc. are in better shape to do the things you really want to do … well, you run a high risk of never being able to do them at all.

Suggesting ways people can affordably enjoy life now, Schorsch recommends that opera or theater lovers volunteer to work as a theater usher in order experience the arts they love without the cost or that those who dream of getting a PhD. audit courses, typically free at the prestigious universities they have dreamed of attending. Recommending strategies to live better for less, from bartering to using group discount coupons, Schorsch explains that he encourages his clients, “… to abandon the “deferred-life” plan and live life now, rather than in some uncertain, idealized “later” timeline.”

Timeshares, Timeshare Rentals, and Vacation Ownership, Affordable Ways to Live Your Life Now

And for all of us whose vacation and travel dreams exceed our current budgets, Financial Planner Irvin Schorsch says:

Can’t afford a summer home or ski condo? Rent or buy a timeshare with a family member or friend. While I don’t recommend a timeshare as an investment, it can be a great way for frequent travelers to save on accommodations in their favorite vacation spots. If you tire of going to one place year after year, timeshare networks like Marriott, Disney Vacation Homes, RCI and Interval International allow trades that will give you access to accommodations in those faraway places you’ve fantasized about.”

Finally, a financial planner who understands that timeshares and vacation ownership are not an investment one makes for financial gain. Instead, timeshare resales and timeshare rentals are an “investment” in a lifestyle that makes great vacations and travel possible for millions and millions of consumers.

As Mr. Schorsch says, “An exciting, well-lived life does not necessarily require a lot of money.”

And a timeshare resale or timeshare rental doesn’t require a lot of money, but it certainly can go a long way to helping you enjoy an exciting, well-life right now, instead of waiting for a future that may never come.

Follow this link to read the full text of, “The Don’t-Defer-Your-Life Approach to Financial Planning.”

Sell My Timeshare NOW Never Makes Cold Calls

Sell My Timeshare NOW Never Makes Cold Calls

We’ve devoted our timeshare blog to this topic in the past, but it seems like an appropriate time to mention it again. Sell My Timeshare NOW Never Makes Cold Calls.

Our company is coming up on its ten-year anniversary in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services dramatically. We started as solely a by-owner timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising company. As our company grew, the secondary market for timeshares was also changing. We recognized that for sale by owner (FSBO) resale is not always the preferred option for all sellers or even for all timeshare buyers.

Our company expanded, adding fully licensed timeshare brokerage service and later resort services for the timeshare industry. During each of the busy, demanding years we’ve been providing timeshare resale, rental, and resort solutions, we have made many changes, trying to stay on top of the needs of our consumers and ahead of the curve in all areas.

But some things have never changed … starting with how much we respect our clients and prospective clients. Sell My Timeshare NOW, Timeshare Brokers Services, and our newest brand, VacationOwnership.com, do not make cold calls. That means, if you have not given us your permission to call you, we won’t be interrupting you with an intrusive phone call.

There are many companies whose names may be confusingly similar to one another, and some companies that frankly don’t do a good job identifying themselves when they call you on the phone, but if you receive an unrequested phone call from a timeshare company, it’s not us.

It’s never us … even if someone implies they are us. We simply respect your privacy too much to intrude on your life with a ringing telephone.

Times are changing. Regulations in the timeshare industry are becoming better defined and more relevant to protect the interests of timeshare owners and strengthen the timeshare industry itself.

Change is good. But one thing that has never changed and will never change, is that we don’t need to, nor do we want to, infringe on your privacy in any way.