60,000 Travel Services and Vacation Club Members and Growing

60,000 Travel Services and Vacation Club Members and Growing

Jeanette Bunn, CEO of Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club
Jeanette Bunn, CEO of Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club

This week San Diego, California-based Travel To Go announced that its travel services and vacation club membership has reached a milestone  of 60,000 members.

Tommy Middaugh, Vice President of Travel To Go, says, “We are growing our membership base steadily. Not only is the Vacation Club concept gaining more traction but we also have some excellent relationships with quality distributors who are getting the word out to prospective members about the advantages of Travel To Go.”

So how does this specifically shake out?

Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club is:

  • Adding additional distributors to its network
  • Adding more destinations and more properties to its portfolio
  • And benefiting from an increase in the use and sales of timeshares.

Jeanette Bunn, President and CEO, Travel To Go, explains, “As the demand for vacation options increases, so must the supply. Travel To Go continues to work towards meeting this growing demand by adding new destinations and properties to its already global choice of vacation possibilities.”

Recognizing the value of its distribution network, Travel To Go continually grows and strengthens these relationships—efforts that are clearly paying off as Travel To Go receives ongoing positive feedback from existing distributors for its levels of support and service.

Founded in 1990, Travel To Go is a family-owned business that has built a family-style network of distributors and one big happy (and growing) family of members.

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You Can’t Have a C.A.R.E. Conference Without Travel To Go

You Can’t Have a C.A.R.E. Conference Without Travel To Go

You just can’t have a C.A.R.E. Conference without Travel To Go. And once again, Travel To Go,  a leading provider of travel services and vacation club products, has confirmed that it will be part of the 57th Semi-Annual C.A.R.E. Conference.

Participating as an  Amethyst Sponsor and Media MarketPlace participant, Travel To Go will help make the timeshare and vacation ownership industry conference, which is being held in the wine country of Santa Rosa, California, even better for all who attend.

C.A.R.E. (Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers) is a trade association established in 1985. Founded by representatives of timeshare resorts who sought to exchange vacation ownership inventory among themselves, C.A.R.E. helps utilize inventory and generate revenue through wholesale rentals, while continuing to offer expanded exchange and fulfillment options.

Over the years, (since 1991) Jeanette Bunn and the Travel To Go team have been key to the success of C.A.R.E.’s Silent and Live Auctions and Super Raffles. Their efforts helped raise more than $210,000 during the last conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and collectively helped raise over $175,000 for C.A.R.E.’s marketing efforts during Bunn’s tenure as Co-Chair of Marketing/Revenue Generation Committee.

Jeanette explains, Travel To Go hopes to“solidify inventory opportunities at the conference.” She adds, “it is always the goal to help any fellow C.A.R.E. Members that need help with inventory acquisitions and to help them move their inventory, as well as offering our product to distributors.”

The 57th Semi-Annual C.A.R.E. Conference will be held at the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country, in Santa Rosa, California, on September 28 through October 1, 2013.

For more information on the C.A.R.E. Conference visit http://www.care-online.org

To learn more about Travel To Go visit http://www.traveltogo.com


Understanding Festiva Timeshare Points

Understanding Festiva Timeshare Points

Understanding Festiva Timeshare Points
Understanding Festiva Timeshare Points

With summer in a going—going—gone—status, many families see their opportunities for vacations diminished to a few long week-ends between now and the Christmas or Winter school break. Although timeshare owners and renters enjoy vacations year-round, with both ski holidays and winter vacations to a sunny beach being popular getaways, many could get more pleasure out of their timeshare ownership if they just understood their timeshare points a little better. Here is some helpful information that pertains specifically to Festiva timeshare points.

Like many timeshare brands, Festiva Resorts began as a deeded ownership. In 2006, Festiva Resorts initiated a timeshare points system. Some Festiva owners purchased with Festiva, while others have become members because the resort where they originally owned was acquired by Festiva. The Festiva timeshare points system is called the Festiva Adventure Club.

Aptly, Festiva describes its Adventure Club membership as being, “…like a credit card where the spending limit is based on the points you purchased and, long after you have paid the one‐time membership fee, your credit limit is reactivated year after year for you to spend as you wish…”

What can you do with your Festiva Timeshare Points?

Good question!

  • Use your Festiva timeshare points as currency.
  • Points work for vacationing in any size unit, during any season.
  • You can stay 7 nights, but you can also stay 4 or even just 3.
  • Each year, your annual points are reactivated.
  • You can borrow points from future years or defer unused points to the following year.
  • While there are now 34 Festiva resorts, you can also exchange your Festiva timeshare points for vacations at thousands of affiliated resorts.

Festiva timeshare owners who want to use their timeshare points for a last-minute vacation have a couple of options. If you are within 30 days or less from a check-in date, you get the maximum value for your Festiva timeshare points, receiving the vacation for the lowest points value for the length of stay you plan to vacation.

If, as a Festiva timeshare owner, you make a reservation within 7 day of your check-in date, you also have the option to book a week at the Festiva “Less Go!” rate. Less Go! Vacations are last-minute holidays you can book for any timeshare unit size at any Festiva resort, during any time of year for only 1,000 points based upon availability.

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Vacation Ownership Yachting Company Makes Yacht Rentals Available

Vacation Ownership Yachting Company Makes Yacht Rentals Available

Vacation Owner yachting now available as yacht rentals.
Vacation Owner yachting now available as yacht rentals.

Thanks to TradeWinds, the only fully crewed, all-inclusive vacation ownership yachting company in the world, even non-members can now enjoy yachting vacations on a rental basis. With cruising bases in Antigua, Guadeloupe, the British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Bocas del Toro, Belize, Greece and Turkey, TradeWinds already offers an extensive resource for vacationers. Now, with the expansion of its inventory, the TradeWinds fleet of luxury Catamarans will be made available to non-members on a simple cabin or full yacht rental basis.

Since its startup in 1999, TradeWinds has grown to include more than 4,000 cruising members who enjoy luxury vacations defined by service and pampering at the highest level. Each catamaran is essentially a mini-resort offering an onboard chef preparing first class cuisine using fresh local ingredients from the destinations that guests visit during their vacation, a full service open bar, and the opportunity to swim, fish, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, just relax at sea, and on land, enjoy private beaches and local ports.

Yacht rentals (or vacation ownership membership usage) include three classes of yacht from which to choose: Flagship Class, Luxury Class and Cruising Class Catamarans. Pricing for yacht rentals range from $4,600 USD for a single cabin for 2 persons on a Cruising Class yacht during Low/Mid Season to $8,500 USD for a single cabin on a Flagship Class yacht in High Season, with full yacht charter prices from $18,000 USD on a Cruising Class yacht in Low/Mid Season up to $45,000 USD on a Flagship Class yacht in High Season.

This is your opportunity to enjoy direct rentals, whether you choose cabin rentals or the private charter of a whole yacht. For more information and SPECIAL FIRST TIME OFFERS visit: www.trade-winds.com and go to EASY BOOKING.