Global Connections Travel Club Resort Earns White Glove Award

Global Connections Travel Club Resort Earns White Glove Award

The Sea Shells Beach Club Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida has been honored with the White Glove Award for housekeeping excellence. To receive this award, a timeshare resort or hotel must receive a perfect housekeeping score or 100 percent during annual inspections and reviews. Sea Shells Beach Club, part of Global Connections Travel Club Resort, is one of only 88 Florida resorts to earn a White Glove Award in 2012.

The White Globe Award is presented by the Superior Small Lodging Association. Sea Shells Beach Club General Manager Angelina Kauffold says, “We are extremely proud to be recognized for our housekeeping excellence and exceptional service. The staff of Sea Shells Beach Club consistently strives to provide impeccable service to our club members and guests. This recognition for the second consecutive year is proof that we have achieved our goals.”

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Timeshare Rentals are Possibly the Best Deal Ever for Vacationing

Timeshare Rentals are Possibly the Best Deal Ever for Vacationing

If you have never vacationed in timeshare rentals then you are exactly the person for whom this blog post is intended. Yes, we are talking to you!

Best Vacation Opportunities are in Timeshare Rentals

Timeshare rentals are quite possibly the best deal ever for vacationers. And timeshare rentals are definitely the biggest secret in vacation planning. Over and over we hear people say, “I didn’t know you could rent timeshare!”

And it is not that renting timeshare is intended to be a secret. Quite the opposite, resorts, homeowners associations, and timeshare owners with timeshare to rent would really like to get the word out there to you.

Yet, honestly, most people don’t get it. They do not know that they could be renting timeshare for vacations, travel, business trips, even long weekends and overnight stays. More importantly, most consumers do not understand that a timeshare rentals means truly spacious accommodations, typically for a lot less money than you would be spending on a much smaller hotel room.

In the vacation ownership industry we describe the vacation rental dilemma as one in which a family must choose whether to share a hotel room, with one bath, one TV, and far too little  square footage for anyone in the family to be truly comfortable. On they can choose the alternative  of renting timeshare for their next vacation.

With a timeshare rental, the vacation description changes dramatically. Timeshares are available in studio timeshare units, up through one-, two-, and three bedroom units. Most include a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, multiple bathrooms, multiple televisions, a patio or balcony… well you get the idea … the comforts of home! Vacation ownership properties are spacious, apartment-style accommodations offered at resorts in all the popular destinations you love to visit.

Timeshare rentals mean more amenities, more space and less money than a hotel room. When compared to a vacation condo rental, a timeshare means an on-property staff, maintenance workers, and security team to attend to your needs. A vacation condo rental may offer some or none of these benefits. Go online and rent a vacation home from a stranger and frankly, you have know way of knowing what you will really be walking into. Rent timeshare, and know you have the resort staff and resort reputation to count on. Peace of mind in a timeshare rental.

Timeshare Rentals By-Owner or with Timeshare Broker Services

If you have the do-it-yourself spirit, then timeshare rentals through are probably the right choice for you. Sell My Timeshare NOW is a timeshare resale and rental advertising website that serves as a connection point and resource for timeshare sellers, buyers, renters, and owners. offers timeshare rental services with assistance from a licensed timeshare broker who will handle every detail of your timeshare rental transaction for you.

Pick what’s right for you and then start shopping. The possibilities for vacationing in a timeshare rental are amazing, and they are just waiting for the next savvy vacationer to come along and snatch them up.

Why Some Timeshares are Worth More than Others as Timeshare Resales

Why Some Timeshares are Worth More than Others as Timeshare Resales

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas

When timeshare owners buy their vacation ownership points or property, they should be buying that timeshare to use and enjoy it, fully understanding that they are buying into a vacation product. Just like the dollars and cents they spend over the years on hotel and motel rooms for vacations, or renting a beach house, cabin or other type of home away from home, they should not be expecting to make money when they eventually do resell their timeshare.
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Timeshare Resale Choices You Can Trust: Timeshare Broker Services

Timeshare Resale Choices You Can Trust: Timeshare Broker Services

In yesterday’s The Timeshare Authority blog we talked about selling timeshare by owner, (FSBO) a service we offer through our company and one of two reliable ways to sell your timeshare now. (See: Sell My Timeshare NOW and the Timeshare for Sale By Owner Choice)

By owner timeshare resale is one way an owner can resell timeshare, but for many timeshare owners, it is not the best option. If your schedule is busy, if you are uncomfortable handling your timeshare sale yourself, or if you simply have no interest in the do-it-yourself approach, then timeshare brokerage is the best option for you.

As we explained yesterday, different choices fit different owners and different types of property ownership, which is why we offer dual option resale:  (1.) by owner or (2) through a licensed Broker.

Timeshare Broker Services

If you choose to sell your timeshare through a timeshare broker, the process couldn’t be simpler. You turn the responsibilities of marketing the timeshare, working with buyers, and handing the timeshare closing over to a licensed timeshare Broker (a real estate Broker) who handles it all, start to finish. You pay zero up front—that’s no upfront fee—to sell your timeshare.

A Timeshare Broker Works for You

For some timeshare owners, selling their timeshare themselves is a perfect choice. But many people find, that this is one responsibility they prefer to hand off to an experienced, licensed professional. Here’s how one couple described the sale of their timeshare through our timeshare broker services:

My husband and I were so pleased with the sale of our Mexican timeshare at Cabo san Lucas. It was a scary thing to try and do but we found that with your help nothing could have simpler. We made the deal and you pretty much did everything for us. We just needed to provide the papers that you needed and to sign on the dotted line wherever it was necessary. Thank you so much. We recommend your service to anyone wanting to sell a timeshare….it was a piece of cake!”